For The King is a unique strategy game from Curve Digital that features JRPG combat and roguelike features. All maps, events and quests are procedurally generated, making no two games the same. Now Curve is adding an Endless Dungeon mode so players can truly prove their mettle!

Players will now be able to discover what lies beyond Hildebrant’s Cellar in an all new challenge mode. Those who delve deeper into the dungeon will unlock unique items and character customisation options. Adventurers will face new traps and square-off against fresh foes as they look to stop the heroes in their tracks. Three new Steam achievements have also been added to this update.

With the same update, For The King has also added a new feature called “House Rules” that allows players to adjust game settings to their own personal preferences….plus a new player stat screen and, for you exchange students out there, Polish language support.

See what the new mode looks like in the trailer below. For The King has been downloiaded over 200,000 times on PC and is heading to consoles sometime next year. As for the Endless Dungeon mode, it arrives June 20.

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