Jared D. Weiss is a gifted animator who has brought us the award-winning short “Transmission,” the “Brazey” series of shorts and, most recently, the tale of a hog meeting a fog. Now from the maker of “Hog And Fog” comes “Frog Dog Log.”

Like Weiss himself, Frog considers themselves an animation artist. They’ve made their own short film starring their friends, but they need a little help getting it up and running. We eventually see Frog’s short in its entirety, and it appears to be the true origin of how they met a friend of theirs.

Says Weiss, “I originally came up with these characters back in 2015, developing them for a short which I had made an unreleased animatic of by the end of that year. For multiple reasons, I never got around to finishing that version.”

“After working and spending the last 2 years making/promoting three other shorts,  I started illustrating the characters again. And after completing this one illustration, something clicked and I decided to take a new stab at a Frog Dog Log short. Learning from my prior shorts, but also attempting something new to me yet again, I completely rewrote/reboarded the film while I was in Montreal last November, and also recorded some of the music while there as well.”

Now, without further ado…the world premiere of Frog Dog Log!

Frog Dog Log from Jared D. Weiss on Vimeo.

If you enjoyed this short, Weiss has made several more. Check out his Vimeo page.

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