At Nintendo’s digital E3 event today they confirmed what gamers worldwide have been pining for – an open world Zelda on Wii U for 2015 release! There was a short 2 minute video during the event showcasing the game and it looks gorgeous – if that is indeed how the final Zelda game will look like upon release then this could be an absolutely huge release for the Wii U, possibly even the game to turn its fortunes around.

In the video, seen below, certain particular features and philosophies behind the new game – it seems the open world is certainly the focus with a specific and purposeful emphasis on making the game world peaceful, but still dangerous with strong enemies to be found. In the footage, there is a mountain range in the distance that can be visited and all locations can be approached from all angles.

The brief gameplay footage also shows Link fighting on horseback, he doesn’t leave that position in the video, so this potentially offers an interesting tactic when it comes to fighting in the game. The game looks incredibly good and shows destructible scenery all in a very distinct and instantly recognizable art style. This really could be Wii U’s Skyrim and we look forward to more details on this open world Zelda for the Wii U as we can get them – for now, it’s probably time to put that pre-order down!