Despite the lack of any formal announcement, pre-order boxes have begun to appear for Donkey Kong 3D.

Although Nintendo has not said anything, the picture below was posted to the DK Vine forum by user Scraps 69 who also said: [quote]at EB Games, they are advertising ‘Donkey Kong 3D’ for preorder [/quote]

It is also worth noting that has also listed the title and posted an image of the game’s supposed box art.  The box art was later noted as a mock-up since it used the box art form the DS title Donkey Kong: Jungle Climber

Retailers have been known to jump the gun on pre-orders.  Just last year we Smash Bros. with a 2012 release in some stores meanwhile, the title wasn’t in production until last September.  Nintendo normally doesn’t comment on situations like this but it’s worth keeping an eye on.

Now these rumors beg the question: if this title becomes a reality, will it be a re-imagining of the classic title or simply the SNES classic plugged into the 3DS?  Time will only tell.