HOF Studios is launching their turn-based strategy game, Depth of Extinction, on PC later this week. The machines have taken over the world and the human race is in danger of vanishing — unless you and your team can turn the tide (literally, because man lives underwater now) and beat them down. With eight different classes and 115 individual weapons to master, you’ll figure it out.

But you’d better learn quickly, because they truly mean the third word in the title. Depth of Extinction is unforgiving — if you mess up and get yourself killed, that’s it. You’ve lost the entire game and must start from the beginning. That kind of difficulty isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it does appear to some — enough to make games like this profitable.

Thousands of years ago, an unknown calamity plunged civilization as we know it to the bottom of what is now a vast ocean. As the waters rose, those who survived the event formed a new society known as the “Creators” and rebuilt the human population – producing advanced technology to better suit their needs. However, as eons passed, the Creators faded from existence – leaving behind remnants of their civilization and their technology.

With the seas more uncertain than ever, mankind has split into multiple factions – including “The Republic,” who used the machines left behind by the Creators and became the most stable faction while the others favored violence instead. However, these machines started to fail them – and the population grew wary of the future. With rumors of killer machines or worse in faraway seas, humanity’s only chance at survival is to venture out into the unknown.’

  • Experience a deep storyline through random encounters and real permadeath.
  • Fight fire with fire in thrilling turn-based tactical battles.
  • Enjoy stunning pixel art that blends the old with the new.
  • Choose from 8 different classes – each with their own unique skills.
  • Gear up with more than 115 different weapons, armor, and items!

Depth of Extinction launches on Steam, GOG, Itch.io and the Humble Store this coming Thursday, September 27.

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