In the polygonal world of video games, you can do or be anything. You can fly on a dragon, cast explosive magic, increase to twice your regular size from eating a mushroom, and take on any profession in the world. With that in mind, here’s Construction Simulator 2.

A dirty world of cement and heavy I-Beams may sound far less glamorous than the more fantastical roles games typically have you play, but look at it this way: at least it’s not Desert Bus. And besides, the millions who enjoy this series on its native mobile platform can’t all be wrong. You get control of over 40 massive construction tools without the necessity of months of training. And if you crash in them, you can just push Reset and nobody will know.

No matter if they are using the Nintendo Switch™ in handheld mode or TV mode, the US-American setting of Construction Simulator® 2 US – Console Edition for Nintendo Switch™ will entertain players with 60 challenging construction jobs: from excavation missions, the delivery of construction materials, the steering of gigantic tower cranes, the pouring of concrete up to the asphalting or refurbishment of roads in the fictional US state of Westside Plains.

The Switch version of Construction Simulator 2 will be here in a couple of months, according to developer Astragon, but attendees of Gamescom will be able to try it out for free. Check the Astragon Entertainment booth in Hall 6.1, B-054 in the Entertainment Area from August 21 till August 24, 2019.

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