How awesome is Danny Trejo? Let us count the ways. Every role he’s ever played, especially in Machete. His gruff exterior. His stylish ‘stache. The fact that last week he rescued a small special-needs child from an auto accident and kept him calm until police arrived. And then there’s this newly announced TV series, which we can’t say for certain will be any good, but it WILL have Danny Trejo, so at least there’s that.

Pikchure Zero Entertainment is producing Paragon, a proposed sci-fi series with a first season of seven episodes. The plot: humanity gets confirmation there’s a Heaven, and then Heaven gets destroyed.

Yes, Heaven gets destroyed…somehow. It’s a lot to take in, both for those still on Earth and those in the afterlife. Trejo plays the leader of a band of ex-reapers, who have nothing much to do except fight for the piece of paradise that’s left, which not everyone will fit into anymore.

“We have always loved the Sci-fi fantasy genre, and we wanted to create a series that explored one of the most intriguing questions of humanity. Where do we go when we die? And what would happen if Heaven no longer existed?” says series director Justin Price.

“Paragon is an edgier and grittier cable style series in the vein of Firefly and Altered Carbon. I believe we have an electric hybrid that explores the human spectrum of dealing with loss and love in a stylistic way. Danny Trejo is outstanding as Kincaid, the half-dead leader of disbanded reapers.”

The series currently has no home, but Pikchure Zero is shopping it to prospective buyers and hopes to get a buyer soon (they’re aiming for cable). If it becomes a thing, it would premiere in 2020.