Company of Heroes 2 is about to receive a brand new expansion pack in the form of a standalone multiplayer downloadable content pack. The “Western Front Armies” DLC takes players to the heart of World War I where they can battle as both the US and German Forces, much like in the original Company of Heroes.

The standard game was released in June of 2013 to a strong critical reception, bringing more advanced graphics and gameplay elements to the already established original game.

On top of introducing two new armies the expansion also offers several new features such as additional weapons and vehicles as well as a host of abilities.  Of course, it also comes with a number of maps for players to battle it out in a number of different locations.

The developers also promise that with all of the upcoming features and content will expand the gameplay significantly, allowing for new types of progression in addition to more advances strategic and tactical elements. “Western Front Armies” looks set to be a substantial update, giving plenty more life to the popular RTS.

Releasing June 24 the DLC will cost $19.99. For those who don’t want to buy the entire pack, each of the two armies are available to download separately for $12.99.

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