Yesterday, City Interactive, the Polish developer that brought us the Sniper: Ghost Warrior series, revealed that its next game Alien Rage will be available via the PlayStation Store, Xbox LIVE Marketplace and Steam worldwide on September 24th – only to promptly retract the announcement.

In this arcade-style sci-fi shooter, players must fight an alien army for control of an otherworldly energy source called Promethium, a mineral so powerful it can fuel and entire planet, or completely obliterate it. Packing 14 challenging levels with frantic and varied gunplay, beastly boss fights, destructible environments and a skill-based score and reward system, Alien Rage may be a breath of fresh air for FPS fans.

Credit goes to our friends at Joystiq who spotted the post on CI’s Facebook page, which has since been removed. On that note, we’ll leave you with a cinematic trailer that summarises the story.

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