One of the toughest items to farm in Breath of the Wild are star fragments. Are you having trouble star fragment farming in BOTW? This guide will help you figure out the most efficient way to collect star fragments. This guide used this Reddit thread as inspiration.

What Are Star Fragments and What are they Used For in BOTW?

Star Fragments are mysterious stone fragments that have fallen from the sky and can be used to upgrade armor sets or as ingredients in recipes. Sometimes they’ll be found in chests along the way, but largely you’ll be collecting them after they have fallen from the sky. They are tougher to collect than other in-game items. After collecting them, you may go to one of the Great Fairy Fountains and use them to upgrade armor sets to the max or to enhance your food.

BOTW Star Fragment Farming

Make sure you bring a way to create fire, wood and you have enough stamina (either through your stamina bar or through stamina boosting food). Having Revali’s Gale doesn’t hurt either. Bundles of wood are acquired by chopping down trees. Collect either the Flameblade, Great Flameblade, Flamespear or Fire Rod for fire creation. Obviously, it is better to use Shrine Orbs to increase your Stamina Bar until you are able to fly pretty far using your Paraglider. If you need to rely on food for a boost, recipes that use Stamella Mushrooms and Endura Carrots are best for dishes are best. Revali’s Gale is acquired by defeating the Divine Beast Van Medoh.

Teleport to the Shee Vaneer Shrine. This shrine is high enough above the land to see star fragments falling without too many obstacles. It’s also at an altitude where precipitation will come as snow and not rain.

Throw some wood down on the ground and create a fire. Sit by the fire until noon. Sit by the fire again until night. Stare in the direction of Hateno Village. Hateno Village is the ideal direction for BOTW Star Fragment Farming because there aren’t as many obstacles to climb over to recover your star fragment. You’ll have the best success rate for star fragment recovery.

If you do not see a star fragment fall by 2am, go ahead and sit by the fire until noon, and then night again.

When you see a Star Fragment streak across the sky, take off using your paraglider in the direction it has fallen. It will remain at the point of landing until you are close to landing near it. When you have closed the distance between you and the Star Fragment, and it has landed on a hill, it will begin to roll down it. Move quickly so that you are less likely to lose it.

If you see a point between Shee Vaneer and the Star Fragment that you are able to teleport to, you may teleport without fear of losing the Star Fragment.

You will not be able see or collect a Star Fragment if there is going to be a Blood Moon or a New Moon.

Sometimes the Star Fragments will get away from you anyway, but using this method should allow you the best chance at success in BOTW Star Fragment Farming.

Happy hunting!

Breath of the Wild Star Fragment Farming - Star Fragment

What Armor Sets Need Star Fragments to Upgrade?

Ancient Set (Helm, Cuirass, Greaves)

  • 4 Star – Star Fragment x3, Giant Ancient Core x3

Skyward Sword Set (Cap, Tunic, Trousers)

  • 1 Star – Sapphire, Star Fragment
  • 2 Star – Sapphire x3, Star Fragment x2
  • 3 Star – Sapphire x5, Star Fragment x3
  • 4 Star – Sapphire x10, Star Fragment x4

Ocarina of Time Set (Cap, Tunic, Trousers)

  • 1 Star – Amber x3, Star Fragment
  • 2 Star – Amber x5, Star Fragment x2
  • 3 Star – Amber x15, Star Fragment x3
  • 4 Star – Amber x30, Star Fragment x4

Twilight Princess Set (Cap, Tunic, Trousers)

  • 1 Star – Topaz, Star Fragment
  • 2 Star – Topaz x3, Star Fragment x2
  • 3 Star – Topaz x5, Star Fragment x3
  • 4 Star – Topaz x10, Star Fragment x4

Breath of the Wild Set (Cap, Tunic, Trousers)

  • 4 Star – Star Fragment, Farosh’s Horn x2 (Cap), Naydra’s Horn x2 (Tunic), Dinraal’s Horn x2 (Trousers)

Wind Waker Set (Cap, Tunic, Trousers)

  • 1 Star – Opal x3, Star Fragment
  • 2 Star: – Opal x5, Star Fragment x2
  • 3 Star – Opal x10, Star Fragment x3
  • 4 Star – Opal x20, Star Fragment x4

Hero Set (Cap, Tunic, Trousers)

  • 1 Star – Ruby, Star Fragment
  • 2 Star – Ruby x3, Star Fragment x2
  • 3 Star – Ruby x5, Star Fragment x3
  • 4 Star – Ruby x10, Star Fragment x4


Star Fragment Farming Runs

Here are some Star Fragment Farming runs done with the starting point of Shee Vaneer.

Have you discovered a better way of BOTW Star Fragment Farming? Let us know!