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What are Sunset Fireflies in BOTW and what are they used for?

These are fireflies, and they do what fireflies do. They glow gently in the dark. If the player cooks them with monster parts, the resulting that causes the insect to glow will increase their stealth. The BOTW Sunset Fireflies may be used in sidequests, shrine quests, for cooking, and for armor upgrades.

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The player can create a Sneaky Elixir by cooking a Sunset Firefly and monster parts. The Sneaky Elixir increases Link’s stealth. In order to complete a sidequest in Kakariko Village, the player will need five of them. Five each are necessary to upgrade the Sheikah Armor Set to the second level. The set includes a Stealth Mask, Stealth Chest Guard and Stealth Tights. Fifteen BOTW Sunset Fireflies are needed in total for these upgrades.

Where do you find Sunset Fireflies in BOTW?

Sunset Fireflies can only be found at night, usually in wooded areas. While Link will come across them randomly during the evening, Hopper Pond on the Great Plateau and Kakariko Village are good locations to find Sunset Fireflies in BOTW. They may also be found in the Lake Region, Ridgeland Region, Lanayru Region, West Necluda and the Great Hyrule Forest. Sunset Fireflies can be bought from Beedle at the Highland Stable.

How do you catch Sunset Fireflies?

Sunset Fireflies Quest in BOTW
Link completes the Sunset F

The player must use Link to sneak up on the Sunset Fireflies and grab them when the prompt to do so appears. He may do this by using armor with a stealth boost, walking slowly, or kneeling down. If Link moves too quickly, the Sunset Firefly will fly off and disappear. 

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