A long long time ago, Nickelodeon cancelled Rocko’s Modern Life after four seasons. An even LONGER time ago (at least it feels like it), Nickelodeon greenlit a new follow-up movie bringing Rocko and his friends back to the HD present. We’ve barely seen it, while Nick has chosen to sit on it for years.

What happened was that Nick ordered three Nicktoon revival movies based on Hey Arnold, Rocko and Invader Zim, but after the first of these aired and didn’t get the ratings they desired, Nick no longer had a vested interest in airing the other two. Rocko and Zim were doomed to gather dust on the Viacom shelf until Netflix expressed interest in releasing them instead. At last, we’ve learned Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling will premiere on Netflix next month.

We’ve recounted this plot many times, but hopefully this should be the last: the final cartoon of the original run had Rocko, Heffer and Filburt stranded in space, and the movie uses this as a launching point, having the trio return to O-Town — and Earth — after 20 years to find everything completely changed. Heffer and Filburt embrace all the new gadgets and gizmos with zeal. Rocko, being Rocko, is more apprehensive.

Thanks to Netflix’s Twitter account, we finally got a new clip from the special….or maybe it’s a promotional bit of animation created to hype the special itself? We’re not sure how it would fit into the cartoon given that it directly mentions the fact that it’s a 90s show getting resurrected, and the series never broke the fourth wall to THAT extent.


Rocko’s Modern Life: Static Cling begins streaming on Netflix August 9. We may hear more about the Zim movie (which is subtitled Enter The Florpus) at SDCC.

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