Uncork’d is bringing a new sci-fi flick, 5 Galaxies, to DVD and digital this December.

Several anthology films have been released this year, but most of them have belonged to the horror genre. These collected shorts are all science fiction in nature, though if it’s still horror you’re after, you’ll still be satisfied as they all appear to be dystopian.

Most deal with the collapse of civilization and one looks like it’ll be a riff on Logan’s Run. There is no official description for each of the five shorts, so we are going off the clips shown in the trailer.

5 Galaxies stars Pom Klementieff (Guardians of the Galaxy), Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight, “Suits”) and Neil Jackson (“Sleepy Hollow”), and features segments directed by Nelson Lee, Kristen Hilkert, Amir Reichart, Vitaly Verlov and Marc-Henri Boulier. Watch for it to orbit onto DVD shelves (and digital menus) December 10.

Some of today’s biggest names unite with a selection of today’s most visually-gifted filmmakers for a unique cinematic experience that crosses 5 Galaxies! Whether its love found in time of over-population or exploration of the unknown and space-travel, 5 Galaxies has a bit of something for every fan of the genre.