Filmmaker Oliver Mann is premiering his inspirational underdog story, Such A Funny Life, in southern California theaters this week. The film will have its premiere at the Arena Cinelounge in Hollywood on Friday, November 8.

If you’re thinking the title of this movie is meant to be ironic, you’re right. Its central character, David Guitierrez, has lived a life no one would describe as “funny” unless they were messed up. David grew up mocked and abused in school, and mocked and abused even worse at home. The tragic death of his sister doesn’t help matters any.

In his teen years David picks up a few friends: he falls for a troubled girl named Mariah, he gains two friends named Tito (a straight-laced dude who grows up to be a club owner) and Rob (who grows up to become Brooklyn’s largest drug dealer). David’s lifelong dream is to make it as a stand-up comedian, and if you think he doesn’t have much of a shot, you haven’t read the biographies of many comedians — many of them developed their quick wit as a method of dealing with their messed-up lives.

At first it seems like David could really pull this off, but then his past starts catching up with him. The world of crime that he came from could impact his future — or possibly his life. You’ll have to see the movie to find out more.

Right now, “Such a Funny Life” isn’t playing anywhere but LA, but we expect the film to start its tour soon. It stars Gonzalo Trigueros (TV’s “Instinct”), Kobi Frumer (“The Punisher”), Jesse Ray Sheps (“Bull”), and Neil Hellegers (“Team Toon”……wait, what’s “Team Toon”?) It’s currently being distributed by Artist Rights Distribution.