Now live on Amazon Prime Video is Worth, a martial arts drama created by…..some independent film company that would not identify itself in the press release or the trailer. It came from nowhere!

Ricky is a top-notch master of Muay Thai kickboxing, and he’s got a big championship match coming up. He’s deep in training when he meets Danielle, a big city lawyer, and the pair hit it off while he hits the punching bags. Unfortunately, Danielle then gets into an accident and is sent into a coma, leaving Ricky responsible for her medical bills. Now a lot more is riding on the results of this championship than there was before.

Worth stars Muay Thai experts Tony Todd (Candyman, “The Flash”), Clifton Powell (“Black Lightning”) and Miguel A.Nunez Jr (Street Fighter), alongside comedian Willie Barcena and MMA fighters Mauricio Alonso and Jose Palacios. Eduardo Castrillo directed the picture, and stars in it as Ricky.

Worth is now available to watch anytime on Amazon Prime Video.

Directed by and starring Eduardo Castrillo, Worth is a love letter to Muay Thai Kickboxing and tells of Ricky (Castrillo, Hunting Season), a top contender in Muay Thai meets and falls in love with Danielle (Samantha Aper), a paralegal in the city. Together they embark a relationship dealing with his championship match and her big court case. Danielle gets into an accident putting her into a coma and now Ricky has to do whatever it takes in order to pay for medical care.