Director Mark Wilson’s Wade in the Water will hold its world premiere screening at the prestigious Dances with Films Film Festival this June. We wish we knew what to make of it. Its trailer makes it appear like the usual quiet, introspective indie art film, but then the fat bearded man (who we’re guessing is named “Wade”) grabs a gun, pulls over a mask, the music gets dark, and….the trailer ends.

Who is this guy, what’s he about and what’s he doing? The official description sounds like a different film entirely:

Sure, our man never gives his name. He works from home. His neighbours are all idiots. He doesn’t really “do” friends. But all that changes when a mis-delivered package arrives in his post office box bearing a horrifying secret –one that will set him on a collision course with a predator, the man’s disillusioned daughter, and his own dark past.

There was no box in the trailer, nor predator, nor daughter (and we don’t see how….from the impression the trailer gives off about Wade, he appears dangerously incel). What is Wade in the Water really about?

Mark Wilson isn’t telling, The only ones to know will be attending the Dances with Films Film Festival Wednesday, June 19th, 2019, at 7:15 PM. A wider release could be forthcoming from there.

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