What do you think of Snowpiercer so far? Three episodes have aired on TNT and the plot snyposes for two more have been revealed. The latest of these was released today…here’s what to expect on June 28:

“The Universe is Indifferent”
On a divided Snowpiercer, Melanie (Jennifer Connelly) intensifies her search for Layton (Daveed Diggs). Meanwhile, Layton is weaponizing her secret, and Third Class faces a reckoning when he presents them with a choice.

There is one new episode before this, scheduled for June 14. The description for that one reads as….

“Justice Never Boarded”
Tensions between Third Class and First Class are boiling as Melanie (Jennifer Connelly) stages the trial of the Snowpiercer killer. Third Class threatens a work stoppage, demanding representation on the jury, and Melanie makes a fateful decision about which side to favor.

The premise of TNT’s Snowpiercer is based on the Bong Joon Ho movie of the same name. After a global natural disaster brings about a new Ice Age, the last remnants of humanity now survive on a perpetually running Noah’s Ark-like train. However, it remains to be seen how long they can survive each other.

The same social and economic problems that plague humanity today are still present in the future dystopia of Snowpiercer. The train cars are divided into class structures, and the main plot is of the lower class staging a revolt against the elites in the front car.

Snowpiercer airs new episodes Sunday nights on TNT.