Those of you trying to arrange virtual tabletop RPG meetings via Zoom and other platforms not really built for that kind of thing will be pleased to hear this: Role, a new video chat platform, is in the works — specifically geared toward playing tabletop games remotely. The crowdfunding campaign only launched two days ago and will run for just 16 days, risky when compared to the traditional 30-day window…but it’s already nearly halfway to its $60,000 goal.

Role will be an online streaming platform for playing tabletop RPGs remotely. The mechanics of the game you’re playing are built into a customizable iinterface called “The Table.” The rolling of dice and the drawing of cards are controlled virtually, supporting anything from traditional 52-card decks to your own custom deck. Results can be made public or private.

As for assembling your team, Role will make it easy with a deep search engine that lets you filter by complexity level, specific game experience, and location to find new players. There’s always someone ready to play.

“Today’s role playing community is larger and more vibrant than ever,” says the team behind Role. “Diverse voices from around the globe are creating new games every day. We want to be the place where everyone can play, meet new people, and get their games into more players’ hands. In simplest terms, we really just want to answer one question for every person in our community: What’s missing from your table today?

Role won’t be ready for launch until May of 2021, but you can try it out a little earlier than that with just a $5 pledge…which grants access to the Early Access testing stage that is scheduled for within 2020. Check it out!