Variety reported today that Warner Bros. Television is currently looking into starting a new ALF TV series.

Canonically, ALF has been stuck in a government holding cell deep within Area 51 since his sitcom ended in 1990 (the 1995 TV movie “Project ALF” elaborated on this). Work has been sparse since then. The last time ALF had a gig was when he appeared on Mr. Robot, in a dream sequence where Elliot was hallucinating his life as a Miller-Boyett sitcom. (Neither Miller nor Boyett had anything to do with ALF.)

A few years ago there was talk of an ALF feature film, but nothing ever came of it. Usually, every attempt to bring this creature back stalls in development. The time to truly believe ALF is coming back is when we see it for ourselves in the form of a trailer or production stills from a set.

In fact, they still haven’t decided whether this would be a reboot, or a continuation where ALF escapes from Area 51 to find everything about culture has completely changed. But if it ends up being the same ALF, you say, wouldn’t he have gray fur and walk with a cane? Not exactly. Because of my extensive knowledge of ALF-related lore, I can tell you Melmacians age much slower than humans do.

There was an issue of the ALF comic book that speculated what his life would be in the year 2020. If WB can get it in gear this time, it’s fully possible we could actually find out for real.

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