Little Guy Games announced that players will be able to embark on a journey of self-discovery in The Last Sky beginning on February 28. Blending elements of 3D puzzles and 2D platforming, The Last Sky presents players with surreal cinematic scenes as well as thought-provoking puzzles that will lead them to experience the inner landscapes of Jake’s mind.

As The Last Sky opens players will meet an elderly Jake, a retired air force pilot suffering from PTSD who, looking to escape the confines of his mind, has embarked on a shamanic journey. Players will need to solve escape room style puzzles in order to unlock moments of Jake’s past that are metaphorically represented as the very room that Jake is trapped inside. As players interact with objects around the room they’ll learn more about pivotal moments in Jake’s life, ranging from joyous childhood memories to painful war-time events that Jake has sought to bury deep in his psyche.

View The Last Sky – Release Date Teaser Trailer below:

By piecing together Jake’s past players will enter surreal dream states that they’ll be able to explore in platform-style gameplay. Within the atmospheric dream states, players will guide a young Jake through larger-than-life scenes where time, space, and reality are beautifully suspended. From navigating through the rubble of a bombed city to descending to the depths of the ocean, to a peaceful moment of piano playing, players will be immersed in Jake’s emotional world and his path to self-understanding and acceptance.

As a single-session adventure, The Last Sky combines thought-provoking dialogue with impactful player choices. While some players may lead Jake successfully through his shamanic quest, others may falter causing them to revisit and reevaluate their choices and Jake’s actions.

The Last Sky will be available on Steam Early Access February 28 and features full controller support as well as an ethereal original soundtrack. For more information on The Last Sky please visit

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