The bottle episode is one of TV’s oldest traditions. It’s an episode that takes place entirely within one room, or just the main set at least. Its main purpose is to tighten budgets, but it’s also an exercise for the actors to show what they’re made of, as everything will depend on their performance. If there was ever a movie version of the bottle episode, it would be something like director Matthew Tibbenham‘s Surviving Confession.

Father Morris has to hear confessionals from his flock day in and day out, and he’s growing weary of it. He isn’t happy with his job or the direction of his life, and he’s beginning to question his faith. That’s when a teenager named Amber leaps into his booth, and everything changes. The entire movie takes place in and around the confession booth.

Amber questions everything Father Morris stands for, and begins to get under his skin in a way that hasn’t happened before. Throughout the evening, interesting characters pass through Father Morris’s confessional as he reflects on what matters most in life and continues to quip with Amber, who slowly reveals why she came to confession.

Surviving Confession was written by Nathan Shane Miller, and stars Clayton Nemrow (Nymphomaniac: Vol I) and Jessica Lynn Parsons (“House of Lies”). It will be out on VOD platforms (Google, Amazon Video, iTunes while there’s still an iTunes) July 30.

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