It seems Super Mario Run is already doing well financially despite some controversy. Android Authority reports that the game has already brought in an estimated $14 million just three days after the game first launched. The numbers come from the app analytical company App Annie.

The numbers calculated that the game was downloaded for its free portion for 37 million times during that time period. Ultimately, about 1.4 million users paid the $9.99 price to unlock the full version of the game. App Annie stated on the numbers, “While this number may sound unimpressive, it is important to keep in mind that the game’s pre-launch publicity was unprecedented, casting an unusually wide net. This means that all types of users, including those who were extremely unlikely to pay, were targeted.”

The sales numbers include the game making about $5 million for its first day on sale from about five million downloads. That was actually higher than the numbers for Pokemon GO’s very first day on sale. However, both of those games, Pokemon GO and Super Mario Run, have a very different pay structure. For example, Pokemon GO has in-app purchases. Super Mario Run only has a one-time pay unlock feature and no in-app purchases.

Super Mario Run is available now for iOS.