How many times have you watched Alien movies and thought, “I’d love to have my own Weyland-Yutani one day”? Now the chance to become the owner of a universe-dominating megaconglomerate that mines the distant stars and harbors a complete lack of caution for dangerous alien life can be yours…at least in the world of video games. Space Company Simulator has been announced by Polish developer INTERMARUM.

In Space Company Simulator, you’ll found a company devoted to space exploration and make the tricky decisions necessary to keep it from collapsing. Assemble a team of skilled experts, invest in R&D, discover the technology that will put you ahead of the competition, and blast off to the stars. The sky’s the limit, and it will soon be yours.

  • Become a president of a space company and lead it to financial and technological dominance.
  • Assemble an industry-leading team or train your loyal workers into aerospace geniuses.
  • Invent new technologies and improve your research with every space mission
  • Compete for the big contracts to generate funds and ensure profitability
  • Face other fast-developing corporations: defeat cunning AI players through various victory conditions.

“This is management sim we always wanted to make,” says Szymon Janus, studio head at INTERMARUM. “We have researched hundreds of pages of NASA reports and other aeronautical sources of information making the game as realistic as possible, but keeping the gameplay fun and accessible. We’re looking forward to sharing the game with all space enthusiasts out there!”

Space Company Simulator will launch on PC in the third quarter of 2019.

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