Star Wars: The Clone Wars was at one time one of the most popular shows on television, especially in the world of animation. While it had a rocky start for sure, it soon delved deeper into the Star Wars universe than any movie or show had done before it. It delivered powerful character arcs, gripping stories, and brought new characters that resonate with fans to this day. But, after five very successful seasons, it was canceled. Not because of failed ratings, but rather, because of Disney.

You see, Star Wars: The Clone Wars was on Cartoon Network when Lucasfilm was bought up by Disney. Thus, the show was taken off the air, and Star Wars Rebels was made in its place. Though remaining episodes were shown on Netflix, it wasn’t the same, there were many cliffhangers left unanswered.

But, at San Diego Comic-Con, a surprise came when it was revealed that the series was coming back for one final season, set to air on Disney’s upcoming streaming service. The seventh season would tie up all loose ends, including the War on Mandalore, and certain questions that Rebels raised.

Oh, and Ashoka is coming back. You can watch the full teaser trailer for the season below.

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