When it comes to classic films from the 80’s, Predator is most definitely on that list. The film showed audiences a very different kind of villain, one who may not be a villain at all, but just a hunter looking for worthy prey. Since then, many films have come out depicting the hunter race, and not all of them were good. But with the newest one, simply titled The Predator, director Shane Black looks to get back to the roots of the franchise in the best ways possible.

At a panel at San Diego Comic-Con, the director and the stars talked about what separated The Predator from all the other films. First and foremost, all the previous films in both the Alien and Predator franchises are canon, and this film takes place after all of them. Don’t expect big references to the Alien side of the universe though, ok?

Also, this time, the Predators aren’t all on the same page. While a group of them come to Earth to seek worthy foes, some of them believe it’s time to end their old ways and become more ruthless killing machines. Makes you wonder how humanity will fight back.

The show also dropped a new poster for the film, check it out below. The film arrives on September 14th.