A dossier trailer and new wallpaper have been released to highlight a character featured in Scourge: Outbreak. In this futuristic third-person shooter we’re introduced to the Echo Squad, a group of mercenaries hired by the Tarn Initiative to take on the Nogari corporation. This particular pre-release game update focuses on Ramiro “Shade” Cortez, a Argentinian hitman. The man with the mysterious past joins the Echo Squad with the intent of taking down the Nogari, who are rumored to be holding his kidnapped sister.

Key Features from Scourge: Outbreak include:

  • Up to 4-Player Co-op Campaign
  • 4 Playable Characters, each with different weapon handling stats and a distinct combination of Special Abilities
  • Unique character-specific flashbacks that reveal critical past events, and shed a new light on the game’s story
  • XP system to track your experience and unlock powerful gameplay rewards in Campaign AND Multiplayer
  • Squad AI for groups with less than 4 Players
  • Quick-Order-System (QOS) for rapid deployment of squad-members
  • 9 Weapons, plus multiple variants of each to suit your style of play
  • Up to 8 Players in Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Capture-The-Flag multiplayer Versus modes in 5 action-packed maps!
  • Leaderboards for competing with friends and other Players around the world!
  • Challenging Achievements to unlock

Scourge: Outbreak will be available on Xbox Live Wednesday, July 3 for 800 Microsoft Points. For more information on Scourge: Outbreak please visit the official site at scourgeoutbreak.com.


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