The Wonder Woman film was one of the biggest films of the year, and for good reason. The story was amazing, Diana was portrayed magnificently by Gal Gadot, but arguably most importantly, her supporting cast was on point. So much so that some of the co-stars became fan-favorites in their own right. Not the least of which was Robin Wright as Antiope, the lead general of the Amazon army, and aunt to Diana.

Fans were amazed by her performance, even though it was only during the first part of the film. Her strength and compassion were clear influences on Diana, and that resonated with fans. Now, she did die in the film, but that hasn’t stopped fans from wanting her to come back…and you know what? Robin Wright would love to be Antiope again.

In an interview she did for Blade Runner 2049, she told E! that she would be honored to come back. Now, as to “how” this would happen, they could pull a few different things. One is flashbacks, as there was a major gap between Antiope training her as a child, and her training her as a full-grown woman. The other option is something they did in Batman V Superman, where they have her appear as a “vision”, offering guidance to Diana.

Either way, it would be cool to see her again.