Fenix Fire Entertainment and ReverbTriple XP have announced that a new content update is now available for Osiris: New Dawn. Additionally, the game is now available for a 20 percent discount on Steam at the above link.

The new updated for the game is Dawn of Aziel, which marks the first major content update for the multiplayer survival game. The new update adds new weapons, base structures crafting materials, alien creatures, random world events and the ice world of Aziel to the game.

Speaking on the new content update, Fenix Fire CEO Brian McRae stated:  “With this major content update, we’re taking the first step in crafting the interplanetary experience for Osiris. The huge amount of new content that we’re delivering adds advanced gameplay depth on the first planet – Proteus II – and gives our future explorers the first glimpse of what they’ll find on the frozen world of Aziel. ‘Dawn of Aziel’ is our first major update that introduces the diverse, dangerous type of worlds gamers will discover, survive, and colonize in this alien space system.”

Here’s a full breakdown of new content additions for the update:

  • New World: Aziel – Travel to the frozen moon of Aziel, three times the size of Proteus II, and discover new resources and alien creatures.
  • Proficiency and Skill Tree System – Level your character and spend points specializing in combat, engineering, mining and other skills to suit your play style
  • New Craftable Weapons – Four deadly melee weapons and the powerful Heavy Asssault Rifle have been added.
  • Landmines – Whether it’s for base defense or setting deadly traps, having a landmine in the inventory is always useful
  • Booster Stimulants – Synthesize 11 new biochemicals that enhance player’s speed, stamina, strength, and more
  • New Base Structure: Biodome – Craft an enclosed ecosystem structure to grow and harvest plants for food and medicinal purposes
  • Outdoor Utilities: Chemistry Lab & 3D Printer – Craft advanced materials and equipment without the need of building the Hab
  • Functioning Habitat Furniture – Make use of furniture to get advanced buffs toward speed and endurance before each mission
  • New Mineral Resources – New minerals have been added, including rare Azurnium
  • Spaceship Inventory – Spaceship can now shuttle supplies and equipment between planets
  • Osiris Armored Mech Unit – The most powerful vehicle in the game at this time is fully craftable and ready to unleash its lethal arsenal
  • Random World Events – From radiation storms, meteor showers, and downed satellites, the unexpected is to be expected

Osiris is available now for Windows PC via Steam.