To celebrate and promote Captain America: Civil War, Microsoft has teamed up with Marvel to produce a limited edition Xbox One console. It is colored much like the ordinary yet rare white version of the device but features Stark Industries branding on the casing and controller.

According to Microsoft, this has been specifically designed to fit in with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Iron Man himself may have even had a hand in its creation. Alongside the Stark Industries logo, it also features some styling and an arc reactor in the middle of the casing. The controller also has a similar design with a smaller arc reactor image fused with the power button.

It doesn’t look like the consoles will be going on sale though. Instead, Microsoft seems to be giving them away in competitions, with Xbox France already holding a competition on Twitter offering up three of them as prizes.  So keep an eye out in your region to see if you are lucky enough to get your hands on one.

iron man xbox

Captain America: Civil War will release internationally in cinemas from April 27 and in the United States on May 6.

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