Final Fantasy 14 will be bringing more than storms soon…Square’s long-running MMORPG has landed a TV adaption deal, which will be created by Sony Pictures Television. Ben Lustig and Jake Thornton will serve as writers and also serve as two of the show’s five executive producers.

The show will take place within Eorzea, the world of the game. We’re not sure how many characters will make the transition from polygons to flesh, but airship engineer Cid Garlond was specifically mentioned, so we’re at least getting him.

“FINAL FANTASY XIV and Eorzea are the perfect gateway into FINAL FANTASY for longtime fans and newcomers alike,” said SPT’s Co-President Chris Parnell in a PR statement. “This show is about embracing and embodying all of the elements that have made the mythos such an endlessly captivating phenomenon, and it’s an immense honor to be bringing all of Eorzea’s iconic characters, settings, and concepts – including fan-favorites like Cid and, of course, the chocobos – to life for a television audience.”

The Final Fantasy 14 series will be produced by Hivemind Entertainment, the same production company behind Netflix’s Witcher TV series (which will be based on the books, not the game adaption of the books). This doesn’t mean that the Final Fantasy 14 series will also run on Netflix — but there is a weird precedent.

Technically Netflix already ran a series called “Final Fantasy 14: Dad of Light,” about a father and son who bond through playing the game. More of an ad than a series, really, but it technically counts.

No release date was announced for the Final Fantasy 14 TV series, but it is likely just now getting under way.

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