Publisher All In! Games and developer One More Level have announced Ghostrunner, their upcoming cyberpunk action adventure.

The Earth is in ruins, and humanity is in decline. The hangers-on have gathered in a decaying tower, but they can’t seem to get along. Despite the dire situation, the big stepping on the little is STILL a problem, and those with cybernetic implants rule the tattered society. They may not for long, though, since a rebellion among the underpowered is rising.

In the middle of this mess is you, a cyber-warrior who fights for survival. You’re the only one who can battle in both the real world and the digital one, so humanity’s fate may rest on you. Prepare those reflexes, though — this game is hard!

  • Ascend the tower – use the environment to your advantage and face fast and determined enemies.
  • Act fast – armed with a melee weapon, get to the enemies before they have a chance to shoot.
  • You are a cyber-warrior – fight both in the physical world and in cyberspace.
  • Choose your own strategy – use your special abilities to avoid bullets and eliminate enemies: the dynamic movement system turns combat into a true dance of death.
  • Trial and error – you die from one hit, so learn the levels by heart and adapt.

Ghostrunner has no release date yet, but it’s coming soon to Playstation 4, XBox One and PC. Here’s a little tease….

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