In the past we’ve written about several products produced by Swedish tabletop RPG makers Free League Publishing. In the future we’ll be writing about a lot more of them, as they’ve just announced a merger with competing company Järnringen.

Järnringen is actually made up of former Free League employees — now current Free League employees again. The merger brings in Järnringen’s properties (chiefly fantasy RPG Symbaroum) under the Free League umbrella, which already includes RPGs like Mutant: Year Zero, Coriolis – The Third Horizon, and Tales from the Loop. The merged company will retain the Free League Publishing name.

“There are many benefits of this merger,” say’s Järnringen co-founder Mattias Johnsson Haake. “But of course, the idea of working on Mutant and Coriolis again is especially appealing. Coriolis was created by us, and is in a way like a child we never got to see grow up. Mutant also has a special place in our hearts.”

“We’re very happy that the merger is finally happening,” says Free League co-founder Tomas Härenstam. “We have a long history with Järnringen, great respect for their work, and we share similar philosophies on game design. Together we will be stronger, better, and have a greater international reach. And we’ll have even more fun at work.”

As a result of the merger, we may be seeing more Free League projects in 2019, and we may get them sooner. We’ll keep you in the know when Free League announces anything new.

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