Dec 22, 2014
With the ToQGer coming to an end and Coming Soon Ninninger and Dino Charge, how about we make our top 5 best seasons?



Super Sentai

01 Gokaiger - The great fan-service, the great transformations and the best villains to me. All the show had a ''Champion aura''. See and know what I mean. The author may be the biggest fan of the Super Sentai in the world. I love it. Anyway, when watching this series , his love for SUPER Sentai only increases more and more.

02 Shinkenger - Took forever, but finally the issue of Samurai was explored Incredible way. For me, the sentai with the best fights. And the best openings and endings. It seems that it worked out this show. It was the best history with the ''Samurai Theme'' I've followed.

03 Flashman - The theme of space and the first super sentai to use two different giant robots. I watched much of episodes as a child. And he had the magic soundtrack of the 80s. Ahh... childhood memories lol

04 Dekaranger - The coolest squad and with an incredible police theme. Great ''Alien Invasion'' them too. It was a story where all actors have distinct personalities. And that's always good. My favorite author writen this Sentai too.

05 Jetman - This would be the more adult sentai and different today? Has something special in this series. And had one of the best characters of TOKU in general, Gai the black condor, and all the other characters were cool, were interesting.

Power Rangers

01 Super MegaForce - A tribute to franchise forever. Despite some problems, I enjoy every moment. And yes, I really enjoyed the last battle as well. And Tommy Oliver is back! It was great to see it in the end.

02 Mighty Morphin - The beginning of a new era in tv. I had no more than about six years old when I saw the first time. And I love the theme of dinosaurs.

03 Lost Galaxy - The most fascinating theme, i love the heros here. Trakeena is a very beutiful and charming villain. And I think one of the best finals in a Power Rangers story.

04 Zeo - The continuation of the first series, several known characters. Good plot, with mystery and comedy just right and Jason and Tommy rocks!!

05 In Space - The climate of more SCI-FI in the history of Power Rangers. Great plot to and also consolidated the idea of the series are interconnected and continued the plots of the heroes and villains of the past.


This is my favorites Super Sentai and Power Rangers and why i like it, and for you, what are the best? Make yourself confortable and share with us your feelings about the shows.