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In case you don't know what an "anti-hero" is, it means a character that is not necessarily "good" all the time, but commits good deeds. They sometimes will break the law, or do heinous things, but are still capable of being a "good guy".

My favorites are all in the Marvel Universe:

The Incredible Hulk (grey and green)
The Punisher
The Watchers
The Beyonder

What is/are your favorite anti-hero(s)?


For me, it's a tie between Venom and The Punisher. I love all the internal battles that go on within Venom's head and how sometimes the things that he does doesn't really have any logic to them. I like Frank Castle because he simply takes no prisoners
Venom's conflictions are based on a somewhat decent human being and an alien symbiote. There is no doubt he's going through turmoil. Frank Castle found his entire family dead, shot because they saw gang activity. He is messed up because of that. Frank probably was a decent person before the bad guys took his family from him.



She has walked the line between good and evil better and more subtly than almost every other comic book antihero. Her moral ambiguity perfectly counters the uncompromising moral character of Batman. She does evil when she feels like it, but often does good just when it's needed most.


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I vote for Venom, he is perhaps one of the best known anti hero's, with perhaps the exception being Godzilla. Not a cartoon I know, but still he smashes up every place he goes just to save it from some other threat.

I liked in the new Dracula movie how they made him out to be sort of a anti hero, I can see them running on that theme for awhile. It mad me think of Morbius. I know he really didn't capture a fan base then, but maybe now he could.
The Black Cat, Felicia Hardy was sort of an anti-hero too. She was a mercenary, but she always had a soft spot for Spider-Man, and would help him at times. The Lizard was also something of an anti-hero. When Curt Connor was in control, he would do good, when he wasn't the creature ran amok. It was similar to the Hulk.


I like a few, Deathstroke, Deadpool, Venom, The Punisher... I don't really have a favorite but I've probably read more Punisher comics than all the rest of those combined.

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