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Two years ago, Wizard of Legend was released for consoles and PC. It’s a procedurally generated roguelike where you guide a wizard through ten-floor dungeons called the “Chaos Trials.” The game received good reviews and strong sales, and if you liked the soundtrack (composed by the great Dale North), good news: it’s been remixed as the latest installment of Scarlet Moon Records’ Prescription For Sleep series.
Prescription For Sleep covers popular game tunes in soft lullaby form. The previous eight albums have covered Shovel Knight, Undertale and many more. Soon Wizard of Legend will be added to that list, with every track in the game covered:
01. Wizard of Legend
02. Lanova’s Treasures
03. Prepare for Chaos
04. Freiya’s Cage
05. Atlas’s Terrace
06. Zeal’s Forge
07. Shuu’s Spire
08. Arcane Refuge
09. Duel
10. Duel...
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