Why toei use silly items as themes for every neo heisei kamen rider series?

Nov 3, 2010
OOO and Drive also have very disruptive gimmick.

OOO's medal-changing can be done fast, but the fact that he has to scan them every single time, can screw the choreography.

Drive, the cars being sentient means he could have done form-swapping really fast, but again, it's the Driver that ruins it. Why the hell he has to turn the key and flip the car every single time. Heck, what's the point of the car-flipping feature?
inb4 someone says the car-flipping is to make a "7" reference

Yeah you might be right i think it's better that the writer should make the theme and plots for the future kamen rider and sentai shows rather than the toy company banda so that the use of items might be suitable for the choreography simialr to what the showa and kuuga did (i think) and as for what you refer about the "numerical 7" reference i said about numericals part in the neo heisei rider series already in this thread : http://forums.henshinjustice.net/sh...-on-the-number-9-and-10&p=1748729#post1748729

Umm, might wanna do research. Filmation's staff have stated on record that they basically ignored Mattel's demands and refused to even feature any toy they thought was too stupid (such as Stinkor in the MOTU line). The CEO Lou Scheimer actually fought with mattel over these issues. This is why Mattel stopped working with them. The proof is in the pudding when you see the 2002 incarnation (which Mattel had total control over) and every episode is just an excuse to plug a He-Man/Skeletor variant.

Other cartoons were sometimes more blatant, sometimes less, but a show isn't "just a commercial" simply because it happens to be based on a toy.

Also love how you say that Ninja Turtles wasn't hampered as badly due to being based on a comic when the 1987 cartoon basically had NOTHING in common with the comic books and had a lot of new concepts introduced (such as the Turtle Blimp) simply to sell toys because nobody would make a cartoon if it didn't have a toy tie-in.

Woah now i know why fandom prefers the filmation version rather than the 2002 version even though i like the 2002 version and as for what you said about shows based on a toy i agree because when toy manufacturers made a action toy they need something to market it so they made animated show revolve around it so that children will buy it and it did for example legos products bionicles and ninjago especially max steel from mattel.

As for what you said about my comments on ninja turtles thanks i appreciate it and you know what i agree about vehicles used for the 1987 turtles playmates wanted to market their turtles toy line based on that comic book series by making a animated series so that children will buy their products and it did but it did however turn into a best animated cartoons of the 80s even though back then people aren't aware that the turtles from the 80s animated were originated from a dark comic book series but thankfully both the 2003 and 2012 incarnations respect the source material even the 1987 series that they are just mainly focus on entertaining the audience rather than being treated as toy commercials well almost anyway if only the kamen rider and super sentai series should be treated this way rather than being treated as toy commercials after all they are just shows not as a toy franchise and if bandai want to market their toys like they did with the 'gimmicks' to both kamen rider and super sentai i think they should make a original tokusatsu series revolving around their toy with a help from toei just like how tomica did with tomica heroes despite that this franchise is cancelled and there is never a third series about it.