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Oct 22, 2012
So there I am on the home stretch of finishing Jiraiya thanks to Tokuzilla uploading it (and no thanks to Kiss Asian, at least regular Kiss Asian because a copycat site has the series in raw and- okay off topic). The series itself started off promising, but the pacing being exceptionally sluggish, the villains being such jokes compared to normal toku villains, and inability to commit to the plot brought it down. It's certainly my least favorite Metal Heroes series thus far and unless Spielvan ends up being worse it is the worst of the 80s line up. This got me thinking, between it and the three ninja themed Super Sentai series and that Kamen Rider Shinobi spin off, why does Toei suck at ninja themed toku so much? Kakuranger had promise, but a slow first third, the worst sentai mentor in the franchise, and an insultingly stupid ending derailed the **** out of it. The Shinobi spinoff was just some two episode special as a Zi-O tie in. Hurricanger, over the course of Sentai's 45 year history, managed to be in the bottom three of the franchise surpassed only by Megaranger and Gokaiger. Ninninger was the closest to being good overall, but poor ranger balance and questionable writing held it back.

I don't get it, it's not like making ninja stories or characters good is a hard thing to do. Ganbaruger, Ninja Resurrection, J-Decker, GaoGaiGar, G Gundam, Wataru, Ultraman Taiga, Ninja Assassin, Keroro Gunsou, Black Lion, Samurai Gun, Ryu Knight, Granzort, Gundam Build Divers, Zoids Wild, Dendoh, Skeleton Knight in Another World, all of these either had ninja centric stories or ninja characters, all of them are good (to varying degrees), by a plethora of studios, so why can't Toei do it correctly? Maybe it's martial arts in general, Maskman and Dairanger had major problems that held them back from being great and Gekiranger was the poison that set Super Sentai on the backslide of no return with its mediocrity.


They have problems writing lots of stories all the time. Plenty of 70s - 80s Toku villains just laid around doing nothing until the final episode when suddenly we need remember they can be defeated too.