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I am busy posting on forums, chatting on Skype, and watching Burn Notice on Netflix. I am a total computer nerd. :p


I have never even heard of Psych. I have heard of Suits before, but I have never seen it before. Are they any good?


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Psych is nearing the end of the series. I think it's on for one more season. It's managed a good mix of comedy and drama for most of its run. It's peppered with a lot of 80s references. It's about a guy who pretends to be a psychic detective. He and his childhood friend Gus start up an agency around that. Also, they're big fans of film. So, there are entire episodes that are homages to Hitchcock and The Shining and probably more that I'm forgetting. It requires some suspension of disbelief that absolutely no one would figure out that he's putting them on, but it's a lot of fun.

Suits started very strong. It's about a guy named Mike Ross, who's very bright and has a photographic memory. He had wanted to become a lawyer, but ended up with a record when he was caught selling drugs. When the series starts, he's making his money by taking the bar exam for others. His "friend" convinces him to participate in drug drop off at a hotel. As he's in the process of dropping off, he notices he's being followed by the cops and tries to lose them. He ends up in an interview room where Harvey Specter, a senior partner at the Pearson Hardman, is interviewing Associates. Even though Harvey realizes what's going on, he's very impressed when Mike essentially shows up every legitimate potential candidate. He decides to take Mike on as his Associate, even though it means deceiving a lot of people and ramifications if they're discovered. Good character development. A couple of weak spots here and there. Overall a good watch.


I'm currently on vacation at home. Not really interesting :) I'm trying to read, watch movies and TV shows, oh and I'm making plans to go on a real vacation out of my home.


I am extremely bored right now, and you could tell, because I italicized extremely. The days are going pretty slow this past week, not many friends to talk to, not many games to play. Just a typical slow week, and I'm sure things will start to pick up after a few days.


I'm on holidays at the beach, some great days with the wife and kids, but really tiring days, sometimes I think I get more tired on the holidays than when I am at work. :D


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I'm thrilled!!!!!!!!!!1 I'm going to the Netherlands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally something good happens in my life, the last 4 years have been very difficult for me (been sick for 2 full years, doctors thought my mom had breast cancer 3 years ago, etc). So, yeah, I'm quite happy in this very moment :)

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