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This weekend during Comic-Con Marvel Studios laid out its entire schedule for the next two to three years. When Black Panther: Wakanda Forever comes out at the end of this year, that will be the end of “Phase 4,” then everything that comes out from 2023 through the middle of 2024 will be “Phase 5,” followed by “Phase 6.” But if these last 2022 movies and shows are meant to end a “phase,” it doesn’t feel like it.
One common complaint I hear about Marvel’s output post-Endgame is that it doesn’t seem to have a direction, like the events leading up to Thanos and his gauntlet did. What everyone’s forgetting is that the early “Phase 1” Marvel movies didn’t seem to be leading up to anything huge either. It’s just that no one noticed that time because it wasn’t expected of a superhero movie to build upon another superhero movie in such a direct manner. If we get midway through Phase 5 and things are still this disjointed, THEN worry.
February 17, 2023 — Ant-Man and The Wasp...

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How epic, two Avengers movies in one year!!Phase 6 looks good already! But I do have a hypothesis. Since there is a report that Marvel Studios is producing a World War Hulk Disney+ series, which was originally going to be a movie but has since been changed into a four part Disney+ series (due to Universal), it will likely be the "Civil War"-style event of the Multiverse Saga.

The MCU films appear to be on the top layer while the Disney+ series appear to be on the bottom tier. And see how insignificant all the other Disney+ series are in comparison to the Disney+ series from Summer 2025. That could only indicate one thing. The largest Disney+ series will be WORLD WAR HULK, which will air between Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars.


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The fifth phase will likely be the best one thus far. A new Spider-Man and X-Men project, hopefully. Send your prayers in advance for New York as well, as it will be destroyed once more in covert conflicts. I'll admit that I did not anticipate the phase 5 announcement because I assumed they would wait until d23. I wonder what they'll display at D23.


The Alt-right Youtubers are hating it already. Why are those channels not demonetize yet because all they spread is racism and sexism.


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With PHASE 5 and onwards, let's hope things become more ordered & focused. They DO NOT need to rush things like the DCEU did! It's acceptable to try different approaches, but always stay faithful to your foundation. In this way, they can continue to satisfy and win over the bulk of your current followers while also gaining new ones. DCEU is a complete mess.


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Those Right Wing Youtube Vloggers will have a field day. They will continue whining about wokeness just because the protagonist is not a straight white male. They are the same people who didn't watch Morbious who stars a straight white male
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Bill Murray as superhero? Why give old, not so important comedian actor any significant role in this movies? Let him be what he is and not turn him into something strong. He can only be superhero with superwalker and have super rod.