Toei Heroes: Super Hero Showdown

The Main Story:

For time immemorial, the worlds of Kamen Riders and Super Sentai have remained separate from each other, leaving the heroes of each world to their own devices to combat the forces of evil. While every now and then some of the Riders team up with each other, and some of the Sentai teams do the same, the instances where Riders and Rangers mingle with one another have been nonexistent…

…until the day Kamen Rider Decade stumbled into the world of the Samurai Sentai Shinkenger.

By monitoring Decade, the diabolical Dai-Shocker learned of the Ranger Worlds, seeing them as a new gateway to ultimate conquest, and a worthy addition to their ultimate goal to merge all the worlds together into a single world and conquer what is left of the ensuing chaos. After getting approval from the rest of the Dai-Shocker board, Security Chief Apollo Geist prepared to host a tournament of the many worlds, both of Riders and Rangers, to see who would be the most worthy of facing him. If a Ranger or Rider were to defeat him one-on-one, they would take his place as the Security Chief of Dai-Shocker and be given free reign to do whatever they wished in the position. It was a risky gamble for Dai-Shocker, but it would be worth it if they could weaken the heroes enough for them to begin an operation bigger than their wildest dreams.

With Kamen Rider Decade currently missing, AkaRed awakens from his slumber to answer the call for justice in the many realities. Realizing what Dai-Shocker’s plan consisted of but also recognizing the potential to destroying Dai-Shocker with minimal casualties, AkaRed uses his Book of Heroes to summon both Riders and Rangers coming from the many different worlds to fight for the right to face Apollo Geist. The heroes come from different lives and fight for different reasons, but one thing that remains constant for all of them is a desire to win.

However, one cannot be expected to believe that only Ranger and Rider Worlds would be affected by such interdimensional shenanigans…

Kamen Rider Kuuga
Yusuke Onodera comes from an alternate Rider World which was supposed to be destroyed by Kamen Rider Decade so that the other Rider Worlds could keep from merging. Although originally perceiving Decade as a threat, Yusuke instead became Decade’s most loyal supporter in his travels as Kamen Rider Kuuga. The more he traveled with Decade, the most he came to realize there is no such thing as destiny: fate is what you make of it and it is up to you whether or not there’s a happy ending or a sad ending. His travels also lead him to fighting the insidious Dai-Shocker, an interdimensional terrorist organization bent on destroying all the Rider Worlds.

When news of Apollo Geist’s open challenge came out, Kuuga was one of the very first people selected by AkaRed to participate in the upcoming conflict. He was one of the most experienced warriors in dealing with Dai-Shocker and, should he be the last man standing, would know just where to strike the organization where it hurt the most. However, even though he is honored to be considered among the dream team of heroes that are assembling, he is still unsure of himself. His close friend Decade had gone missing and many of the Riders still believe him to be someone they will one day have to deal with, spreading this feeling to any of the Rangers that will listen. Kuuga has even been told that he will need to be the one to deliver the finishing blow to him, as his Ultimate form will prove crucial in defeating Decade. Despite this hefty responsibility, he hopes that Decade will come through for him and stand by his side as his ally, and not as his enemy.

Though not as level-headed as the Kuuga from the Main Rider World, Kuuga’s belief in justice is second to none and transfers this belief into his fists and feet. He has different forms for different situations, making him a very versatile combatant. Because he has so many options, it is rare that he enters combat with a specific strategy, as he is rarely defenseless with so many offensive and defensive possibilities.

Naoto Takizawa was a security officer from the year 2000 who obtained the V-Commander, which allowed him to transform in TimeFire. Though his official occupation was a guardian of the city he lived in, Naoto lacked the humility of the other TimeRangers. All that mattered to him was obtaining more power so that he could better defeat his silver-spoon-fed rival Tatsuya, who assumed the alter-ego of TimeRed. This obessession with his rival as well as his reckless behavior led him to eventually be stripped of his rank, and he died in his rival’s arms and gave him the V-Commander.

TimeFire is one of several heroes whom AkaRed calls upon, living or dead, to fight the good fight against Dai-Shocker and represent their respective world. AkaRed also informs TimeFire of his death in his world and how he nobly relinquished his morpher to his rival despite their past history, and in the end it saved the day. However, TimeFire does not think highly of this incident: in fact, he sees it as a sign of weakness when he should have been stubborn to the very end. On the other hand, he was chosen above Tetsuya to represent the TimeRanger world, and this inflates his already massive ego to near-explosive proportions. With the open challenge now in front of him, TimeFire is looking forward to proving himself superior to all of the other heroes and teaching the villainous Dai-Shocker why he is someone to be feared when he’s not playing nice.

As someone in possession of 30th Century technology, TimeFire pulls no punches and uses his futuristic weaponry to dole out punishment in a variety of ways. The most potent of these weapons, apart from the V-Rex mecha that has been banned from the open challenge, is the DV Defender which has several different modes, the most powerful of which is the DV ReFreezer that can stop even the most hot-blooded enemy in their tracks, allowing TimeFire to do whatever he pleases with them thereafter.

Kamen Rider Gills
Ryo Ashihara comes from the Main Rider World of Agito, where he is Kamen Rider Gills. Unlike most of the Riders, who utilize armor that is technological in nature, Ryo’s transformation is something that biological in nature: he literally transforms into something other than human. This transformation is something that has led him to be shunned by his family and friends, causing him to become increasingly disheartened with the world around him. Despite this sense of rejection, he still fought alongside Kamen Rider Agito and Kamen Rider G3-X against the Unknown, and was able to live to tell about it at the end.

He is chosen to represent the Agito World by AkaRed, and is quickly briefed about his stake in the upcoming battle. The Unknown have joined with Dai-Shocker to create a unified front against not just the Rider Worlds, but the Ranger Worlds as well. As he trained with the other heroes to prepare for Apollo Geist’s open challenge, his behavior became to become increasingly erratic, almost savage. This was due to his unique physical makeup starting to change once again after calling upon the powers of Gills once more. They had not been used in quite some time, and transforming again after so much inactivity was too much to handle all at once. Though AkaRed has suggested that he find someone else to represent the Agito World, Gills refuses, telling him that his brutal edge might be just what the group needs to deal not just with Dai-Shocker, but with Kamen Rider Decade, as well, should he decide to show up.

Kamen Rider Gills lacks the finesse of some of the other heroes, preferring to rely on his instincts rather than a series of intricate moves. His biological transformation has given him a savage tinge to his attacks and fighting style, becoming more like a wild beast than a man when engaged in combat. Powered by his friendship with his allies Agito and G3-X, Gills also possesses the ability to evolve into Exceed Gills to further his damage-dealing capabilities.

Gaku Washio was a pilot in the JSDF before being selected to become the Noble Eagle, GaoYellow: the very first to be selected to be a Gaoranger. At first, GaoYellow was a lone hero who protected the city by himself, but after a year of isolation he met the other Gaorangers and they formed the Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger. Despite having the most tenure compared to the rest of the team, he was forced to take a backseat to GaoRed and settle for the title of second-in-command. Though he originally didn’t like this idea, he grew accustomed to his role and remained a valuable asset to the team. In time, the Gaorangers were able to defeat the Orgs and resumed their normal lives, outside of the occasional threat that forced the team to reunite.

When AkaRed approached him to take up the mantle of GaoYellow once again, Gaku immediately knew that something was amiss as he had not been active for some time. He learned that there was not only his own legacy or even the legacy of the Ranger Worlds at stake: the fate of countless worlds and countless heroes now rested solely in the hands of himself and the other heroes chosen by AkaRed to challenge Dai-Shocker. After a moment to think about it, Gaku decided that he wouldn’t miss the chance for the world. Not only could he meet other heroes from other worlds and discuss their passions for justice, but he could finally step out of the shadow of GaoRed and prove to himself that he would have been a worthy leader had the situation called for it.

As one of the more experienced heroes, GaoYellow sees himself as a role model to his comrades and mirrors this responsibility accordingly by acting level-headed. However, sometimes he cannot help himself and he will have loud outbursts of energy that will make itself known in combat. His swordfighting techniques are among the very best in any of the Worlds, being taught to him in the JSDF and further polished by Red Falcon, a Ranger from yesteryear.

Kamen Rider Femme
Miho Kirishima, the representative of the Main Ryuki World, is a con-artist who seduces wealthy men in order to swindle them out of their valuables, but is also in possession of the Rider Deck that allows her to transform into Kamen Rider Femme, the very first female Kamen Rider. She fought not out of greed, however, but to avenge her sister’s death at the hands of Takeshi Asakura, who was the fiendish Kamen Rider Ouja. During the Rider War, she grew close to Shinji Kido, Kamen Rider Ryuki. Sadly, this bond would go unfulfilled as she met her end, ironically, at the hands of Shinji’s twisted doppelganger, Kamen Rider Ryuga.

Like some of the other heroes, she was brought back from the dead by AkaRed to combat Dai-Shocker, recognizing her craftiness and resourcefulness as a valuable tool for infiltrating the organization. Initially, Femme was highly mistrusting of the other heroes chosen for Apollo Geist’s open challenge, seeing them only as potential rivals in the upcoming tournament just like the other Kamen Riders were her rivals in the Rider Game. Perhaps sensing Femme’s distrust, AkaRed told her that Ouja had joined Dai-Shocker as one of its lieutenants, and if she were to infiltrate Dai-Shocker’s headquarters, she would be able to confront him and finally take her revenge. AkaRed also made an agreement with her that, if they emerged victorious, he would make Femme’s restored life permanent to do what she pleases with it. With that deal in hand, Femme enters the fray with two goals in mind: to avenge her sister’s death, and to return to her old life so that she can meet Shinji again.

Kamen Rider Femme utilizes advent cards to assist her in battle, with her primary weapon being her rapier that can pierce even the most durable of substances. While she’s not the strongest fighter in the group, her agility is one of the highest-ranked and is also one of the most intelligent. Her speed and strategic mind can be more than a match for any opponent, even one as experienced and powerful as Apollo Geist.

Nanami Noto was a member of the Hayate’s Way Ninja Academy when she became HurricaneBlue. Utilizing the power of friendship, she was able to unite the Ninpou Sentai Hurricanger with the two remaining ninjas from a rival academy, the Denkosekka Gouraiger, and even striking a romantic relationship with one of the members. After the Hurricanger and Goraiger defeated their adversaries, the Jakanja, HurricaneBlue retired from the fighting business to follow her dream of becoming a pop star. However, she has been known to occasionally re-enter the fray when the situation calls for it, with her kindness making her popular among both her own team and the other Sentai teams she encounters.
HurricaneBlue had already met AkaRed in the past, helping him aid the Boukengers in their battle against the Demon of Time, Cronos. When AkaRed informed her of the situation at hand, HurricaneBlue told her manager that she would be gone for a couple of days and readied her morpher for another adventure. Upon arriving at where the heroes were staying, however, she was appalled to see how mismatched they were. There was almost constant bickering among the Riders and Rangers, and sometimes a fight would break out between them. Even more distressing was that several of the heroes were planning to hunt down one of their own, Kamen Rider Decade, with the intent to destroy him. It was then that HurricaneBlue understood why she was chosen by AkaRed: the power of friendship would be desperately needed if the heroes were to triumph over the massive Dai-Shocker…and she would most likely have to beat that friendship into them when it came time for the tournament.

HurricaneBlue utilizes the lightning-quick speed of a ninja to overcome her adversaries, flowing as gentle as a lake and crashing down as heavy as a waterfall. Like all ninjas, she can use her environment around her to befuddle enemies before striking down with her katana, and her Sonic Megaphone will further disorient the opponent to allow her to close in for a finishing blow.

Kamen Rider Kaixa
Masato Kusaka, the representative of the Main Rider World of Faiz, was one of the surviving members of the Ryuusei school that was infused with the DNA of the Orphenoch. Easily the strongest of the survivors, he became the main wearer of the Kamen Rider Kaixa belt and used this power to vent his frustrations on the Orphenoch. According to Kusaka, it does not matter whether or not the Orphenoch he encounters have a soul or not: to him, no Orphenoch is innocent and merely existing is enough reason to execute them. This zealot-like behavior eventually led to his downfall, when he was slain by Yuji Kiba, an Orphenoch that had once been good-natured but had become disillusioned with humanity thanks to Kusaka’s obsession.

AkaRed revived Kaixa for the purpose of combating Dai-Shocker, hoping that Kusaka would put aside his lust for Orphenoch blood long enough to deal with the much bigger threat the organization posed. While Kaixa pretended to go along with this, deep in his heart he knew that there was no threat bigger than the Orphenoch. He cared little for the fate of the Rider and Ranger Worlds, or how if the heroes should fail, the casualties would be innumerable. The Orphenoch were a part of Dai-Shocker, and as long as he could get his hands on them, then nothing else mattered. The tournament that Apollo Geist set up for the heroes would be Kaixa’s best chance to ensure that the softer heroes would be weeded out. The winner wouldn’t be the strongest, fastest, or even the smartest: it would be the best, and by proxy, it would be Kaixa.

Kamen Rider Kaixa’s method of attack is quite simple for someone of his high intellect: destroy the opponent by any means necessary. Aside from his considerable hand-to-hand combat skill, his main weapon is the Kaixa Blaygun that can either fire bursts of energy or form a blade of light that can slice through just about anything. His vehicle of choice, the Side Bashaar, can also deliver serious damage thanks to its heavy armor and ability to transform into “Battle Mode.â€

Mikoto Nakadai was a brilliant surgeon who longed for a more exciting life, which was granted to him when he heard the call of the Bakuryu and received the Dino Minder. Rather than use this power to fight alongside others who had heard the call, however, he instead took up the name “AbareKiller†and became the chief nemesis of the Bakuryu Sentai Abaranger. With his loyal ally Topugera, AbareKiller wreaked havoc upon the city of Tokyo and made several attempts to destroy it, along with the rest of Earth. However, he later learned that his penchant for cruelty was because he had the seed of Dezumozorya within him, and he hated the idea of being someone else’s puppet. Therefore, he joined forces with the Abarangers until his death when he sacrificed himself by flying into space so that Dezumozorya could not use him as a weapon.

When AkaRed revived him to represent the Abaranger World in Dai-Shocker’s tournament, it was under the pretense that because AbareKiller’s last moments were selfless ones, AbareKiller himself had become the hero that he should have been if not for the seed of evil. However, AbareKiller has not been successful in making friends amongst the other heroes: he sees them only as bothersome rivals that will need to be dealt with when the tournament starts. The tournament is just another game to AbareKiller, and he would prefer not to lose: a train of thought that makes the other heroes suspicious of him. Whether or not he has actually reverted to his evil ways or is simply looking forward to dealing with Dai-Shocker all by himself, however, cannot truly be determined. The only person who knows the truth is AbareKiller himself…

At the time of his death, AbareKiller was one of the strongest fighters within the Bakuryu Sentai Abaranger, if not THE strongest. To match his ambitions, AbareKiller possesses several ways to inflict harm onto his opponent, and possesses the very unique and dangerous ability to conjure up weapons and items just by drawing them with his Wing Pentact, such as arrows and even minions. Even if someone were to get past this, they would still have to deal a very dangerous hand-to-hand combatant that is further augmented by the Abare Mode.

Kamen Rider Blade
Kazuma Kenzaki was left an orphan at age 11, and this led him to aid the defenseless as a member of BOARD. Upon being recruited, he was moved to active field duty and given the power of Kamen Rider Blade to combat the Undead that were vying to overthrow humans as the dominant species on Earth. After a long battle, Kenzaki sacrificed his humanity to become one of the powerful Undead Jokers and forced himself into exile so that he would not have to harm humanity or his comrades that he had fought alongside with to protect it. Years later, Kenzaki would become of the Riders selected to hunt down and destroy Kamen Rider Decade after he failed to eliminate the Alternate Rider Worlds that were affecting his own world. Unfortunately, this gathering of Riders was unable to defeat Decade, and he escaped their clutches.

Blade was chosen by AkaRed to represent the Main Rider World of Blade, and combat the forces of Dai-Shocker which was the enemy of all Riders and now Rangers, as well. While he would tell himself that this tournament would be for the greater good, Blade balked at the idea of fighting his fellow heroes. In the Battle Royale with the Undead, there was always a possibility that Blade would have to one day fight and defeat his comrades should they lose themselves to darkness. With this tournament, that nightmare wasn’t just a possibility, but a necessary reality. Besides, if there was any Rider who was worthy of Blade’s wrath, it was the loathsome Kamen Rider Decade who selfishly tried to preserve the Alternate Rider Worlds and forsake the main Rider Worlds. Blade didn’t doubt for a second that Decade was no longer a factor, having noticed that one of the Riders from the AR worlds was a participant in the tournament. As such, he enters the fray keeping his senses clean so that if Decade does decide to intervene, he will be thoroughly and mercilessly dispatched.

Kamen Rider Blade has a wide range of attacks at his disposal given to him by the Rouse Cards of his Spade Suit. As if that wasn’t enough, he also has the ability to evolve into other modes to better suit his needs when he faces an opponent that his default form cannot take down. With so many attack options and battle strategies that can be carried out, it wouldn’t be unwise to put your money on the “Ace of Spades,†Kamen Rider Blade.

Sen’ichi Enari, nicknamed “Sen-chanâ€, is a member of Special Police Dekaranger, working in the field as DekaGreen with the Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger. Unlike the other Sentai teams, SPD’s main headquarters like in deep space, protecting the galaxy from the criminal clutches of the Alienizer, while the Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger deal with the Alienizers that are positioned on Earth. Initial impressions lead many to believe that Sen-chan is a quirky eccentric who doesn’t have his head on straight, but in truth he is a brilliant detective, able to perform an investigation of a crime scene simply by hearing the verbal details of the area. He normally keeps a level head in battle, but when enticed he is easily one of the most frightening members of his team, his voice becoming as cold as Neptune while his rage burns hotter than Mercury.

DekaGreen was chosen by AkaRed to represent the DekaRanger world in the tournament that would decide the fate of the insidious Dai-Shocker. At the time of his summoning, Sen was continuing his career as a member of SPD while at the same time expanding on his romantic relationship with his comrade Umeko. When AkaRed explained to him the levity of the situation, DekaGreen felt no stress or anxiety. The destruction of an organization such as Dai-Shocker was just another day in the life of a Dekaranger, and all he needed to do was have AkaRed explain to his superiors that he would be gone for a few days to take care of business. Even if he did not win the tournament under the banner of SPD, Sen-chan could at least look forward to exchanging strategies with the other heroes in case there came a need for a large-scale raid.

DekaGreen is a trained officer who utilizes the formidable off-world technology of SPD to deal with all sorts of deviants, and this training and equipment translate well in the arena. His most common weapon is his D-Rod, which can be used as a striking weapon or as a projectile weapon when transformed into the D-Blaster. If he is dealing with a particularly stubborn adversary, DekaGreen can equip himself with powerful SWAT weaponry that can analyze the opponent’s weaknesses before targeting it with his powerful SWAT Rifle.

Kamen Rider Ibuki
Iori Izumi is a member of the head family of Oni that runs the organization of Takeshi, protecting Japan from the Makamou. He has been trained to fight as an Oni since birth, and has yet to even think about shying away from his duties. To do so would be to let down his family and to act selfish, neither of which appeal to him at all. For the most part, he was calm and carefree in his endeavors as protecting others was something that he enjoyed doing rather than something that was thrust upon him, though personal problems caused him to waver. Luckily for Main Rider World he occupies, Ibuki was able to overcome these obstacles and assist Kamen Rider Hibiki in fending off the Makamou hordes.

Ibuki had been disappointed that he had been reduced to a backup during the final battle while Hibiki had taken charge, but an opportunity for redemption presented itself when AkaRed approached him to be the representative of his world in the tournament set up by Apollo Geist. Upon arriving at the heroes’ camp, Ibuki was fascinated by the group of warriors assembled, coming from all sorts of backgrounds with all kinds of powers. Wishing to protect this unique group of combatants, Ibuki did routine patrols of the area in the days prior to the tournament to make sure Dai-Shocker didn’t do anything. On one of these patrols, however, he encountered a berserk warrior in tattered black garments trying to enter the camp. Engaging the warrior, he was overwhelmed not just by his immense dark power, but by the fact that this warrior shared his face! Ibuki was sent to the infirmary, but the interloper escaped before the other heroes could capture him. He is now determined to find this strange doppelganger and figure out just who or what he is.

Kamen Rider Ibuki utilizes his music as a weapon, with his trumpet being as his primary weapon. He can either fire bullets of sound at the enemy or use a concentrated melody to completely shatter their defenses. On rare occasions, Ibuki also takes a cue from his comrade Hibiki and utilizes drumsticks to widen his range of attacks, making Ibuki a multi-talented musician specializing in the sound of pain.

Houka Ozu, otherwise known as MagiPink, is the second-eldest child and the eldest daughter in the family of Mages known collectively as the Mahou Sentai Magiranger. She is bubbly and cheerful, and a tad ditzy at times, but her positive outlook on life proved to be the glue that held the Ozu siblings together when their mother was believed dead at the hand of the Infershia. At the end of a very fierce war with the demonic forces, the Ozu siblings welcomed back their mother and reunited with their long-lost father, who had been under Infershia’s thrall as Wolzard. They also received a new addition to the family, MagiShine, who became Houka’s in-law. With their enemies defeated, the Ozu family happily retired from combat and lived peaceful lives, with Houka pursuing a day job as a fashion model.

MagiPink was confused as to why AkaRed selected her over her other siblings to represent her world in the fight against Dai-Shocker. Her brother MagiYellow was a professional boxer, and would have been a much better suited choice for a fighting tournament. However, being confused and being reluctant were two very different things for Houka, as when she met the other heroes, she was starstruck by the good-looking men that had gathered. MagiPink considered herself an expert on love, and would occasionally juggle many boyfriends at the same time. With so many ideal choices to mingle with, MagiPink quickly tossed aside her misgivings and happily accepted her assignment to participate in the tournament that would decide the fate against Dai-Shocker. If she were to win the tournament and defeat Apollo Geist by herself, then surely these handsome heroes would throw themselves at her feet. What sort of girl wouldn’t want to go for an opportunity like that?

MagiPink is a powerful magician whose power is fueled by courage, something which she has in abundance. Her preferred method of attack is to transform herself into different inanimate objects, such as a ball, an electric fan, or cannon. While this might seem strange to an onlooker, MagiPink will utilize these forms to their fullest, being able to summon powerful winds or bursts of energy from these forms that can catch an unsuspecting opponent off guard.

Kamen Rider Sasword
Tsurugi Kamishiro was a descendant of the Discabil family of England who was in possession of the Zector that allowed him to transform into Kamen Rider Sasword, sworn enemy of the shape-shifting alien invaders called “the Worm.†His arrogant nature and luxurious lifestyle made it so that he had very few friends, but as the battle raged on he managed to acquire a few, namely his “best friend†Kagami Arata (Kamen Rider Gatack) and his “beloved†Misaki Yuzuki. He fought the worms out of revenge for killing his sister years before, but in truth, the real Tsurugi had been killed that day, as well. Somehow, Tsurugi’s overbearing personality took precedence over the murderous Worm that assumed his identity, and the Worm thought that he was in fact the true Tsurugi. Upon this revelation, this Tsurugi abandoned hope and seemingly turned his wrath on the humans so that he could become the king of the Worms. However, this proved to be a mere ruse to destroy the Worms, while Kamen Rider Kabuto dealt Tsurugi the finishing blow and put one of the final nails in the Worm’s coffin.

This “false†Tsurugi was brought back from the dead by AkaRed to represent the Main Rider World of Kabuto and combat the forces of Dai-Shocker, whose ranks included the Worm. In a rare display of humility, Tsurugi asked that he be returned to his resting place and choose someone who is more suitable to fight for humanity, such as Kabuto or Gatack, as he was but a lowly worm that deserved nothing less than oblivion. AkaRed refused this request, telling Sasword that it mattered little what his biological origins were. His final acts were selfless ones, and that made him something greater than a human: a hero. “However, if you really need further motivation,†AkaRed added, “help us defeat Dai-Shocker and I will see to it that you will become fully human. No longer will you need to worry about succumbing to the Worm influence, because there will not be any of it left in you.†With that new goal in mind, Kamen Rider Sasword finds his swagger once again and enters the fray so that he can become “the one who stands atop all heroes.â€

Kamen Rider Sasword utilizes powerful slashes from his sword that also acts his transformation device. Being taught swordplay from an early age, using this weapon comes as naturally as using a limb and he has no trouble at all taking advantage of this comfortable accessory. Sasowrd possesses two forms to suit his needs: the armored “Masked Form†and the lighter “Rider Form.†Once in Ride Form, he possesses one of the most potent abilities in all of the world: “Clock Up.†When this technique is utilized, Sasword moves at an impossible speed that a naked eye couldn’t even dream of catching up to, making his attacks even more deadly.

Masumi Inoue, unlike most of the other heroes, did not take up his suit out of his belief for justice. Before becoming a hero, he was a tomb raider who cared only for a hefty profit for his endeavors. Rather, he joined the Gougou Sentai Boukenger so that he could repay a debt he owed to their leader Satoru Akashi (BoukenRed). As BoukenBlack, he worked hard to repay his debt by aiding the Boukengers as one of its most reliable members, standing by them against not one, but three separate enemy factions that wished to use the world’s treasures for evil purposes. Among these factions was Yami no Yaiba, a ninja fiend who murdered his old treasure-hunting troupe, and there were many times when Masumi was torn between seeking vengeance against him or aiding the team that had taken him in. Eventually, Masumi was able to get his revenge on Yaiba and help the Boukengers defeat all of their enemies. When Akashi and Nishihori Sakura (BoukenPink) left to explore space, Masumi was made the new leader of the Boukengers that remained on Earth.

BoukenBlack was chosen by AkaRed to represent the world of Boukenger in the tournament that would decide the fate of Dai-Shocker. Though once racked with doubt about his abilities as a hero and his morals, BoukenBlack was now completely sure of himself. The man he wished to surpass one day, BoukenRed, had given him his blessing to keep the Earth safe from those who would use do the world harm. Further motivating him was his comrade BoukenYellow, whom he saw as a younger sister that he would always protect. It was up to him to make them all proud: how could he say no to a chance to do right to countless worlds? Upon arriving at the gathered heroes’ base of operations, Masumi couldn’t help but scoff at how flawed so many of the warriors were: some of them saw the world in the barest of black and whites, and others still were too wrapped up in their own little world to really pay attention to the task at hand of saving all of reality. “It looks like I have my work cut out for me,†BoukenBlack said with a smirk beneath his helmet. “I guess I’ll just need to beat some sense into these weirdos and show them how important this adventure really is!â€

As the Racing Adventurer, BoukenBlack is one of the more daring heroes in the tournament. There is little, if anything, he won’t try to do if it means getting the results he’s looking for, and it’s the sort of recklessness that can make him a very tricky and dangerous opponent. His deceptively slim figure is capable of considerable feats of strengths, wielding the heavy Race Hammer as easy as he would wield a toy. He also seems to have limited super-speed cabilities, being able to take the fight anywhere in the blink of his eye, carrying his opponent along with him.

Kamen Rider Den-O
Ryotaro Nogami was a timid youth with a lot of bad luck when he was given his Rider Belt and encountered the Imagin that would later become his best friend, Momotaros. After joining forces with Momotaros, Ryotaro met several other Imagin, both good and bad, who either aided him on his quest to protect the flow of time or sought to disrupt it for their own selfish ends. The reason he was chosen to become a Rider was not for his fighting skills, which he had very little of at the time of his recruitment, but because he was a Singularity Point: someone who could exist outside of time as well as consciously overpower an Imagin that possesses him. This skill has aided him in protecting the flow of time by allowing his Imagin comrades to take control of his body and fight the other Imagins that want to cause havoc. Ryotaro was also one of the nine Riders who banded together to defeat Kamen Rider Decade before did irreparable damage to the Rider worlds, but Decade escaped their trap and has since gone missing, leaving Ryotaro to go back to his duties as the guardian of the Den-Liner, the train of time.

When news broke out that Dai-Shocker was hosting a tournament for their position of Security Chief, open exclusively to heroes, AkaRed tracked down Ryotaro and invited him to represent the Main Rider World of Den-O. Momotaros and the other Imagin living on the DenLiner pushed and shoved for the chance to accompany Ryotaro in the tournament, but to their surprised, he asked that he go alone. Now that Ryotaro had mastered the Liner Form, which did not require being possessed by an Imagin to be granted power, he was looking forward to seeing just how far he could go fighting on his own two feet. Besides, it wasn’t as if the Imagin wouldn’t be with him: if things became dire, they would still be within Ryotaro’s mind ready to possess him should the situation prove too much for him. That’s what he told the others when he left, but the true reason he didn’t want the others coming with him was that they might talk him out of what was truly on his mind. Dai-Shocker was the enemy of all Riders and Rangers, even Kamen Rider Decade. The other eight Riders had tried to convince him that Decade was the destroyer of everything, but to Ryotaro he was still a Rider: his comrade-in-arms. If Decade needed to be struck down, Ryotaro alone would need to be the one to do it, lest he be racked with guilt later.

Normally, Kamen Rider Den-O relies on his Imagin to fight for him, using his body as a vehicle. When in Liner Form, Ryotaro is in full control of his body and relies on the Imagin as advisors rather than drivers. He can access the fighting techniques of his Imagin when in this form, though they might not be as effective as they would be when the Imagin are in full control. If there comes an opponent that he can’t handle on his own, Den-O can rely on Climax Form to summon all the Imagin into his body for a joint attack.

Gou Fukami is the eldest of two martial artist brothers, and the innovator of “Fumaki Style†martial arts, which mixes Geki Jyu Wolf Fist and Muay Thai while adding the unstable element of “Shigeki†to further power the attacks. Though he didn’t have the same passion for justice as his comrades, Gou fought alongside them faithfully as GekiViolet. He was one of the most experienced members on the team, but he didn’t have much in the way of advice: he fought mostly for himself and for improving his own technique. This behavior steered him down the path of darkness and his Shigeki would periodically transform him into a feral werewolf. To his good fortune, he was able overcome this with the help of his friends and continue fighting as part of the Jyuken Sentai GekiRanger. He was able to master the most powerful technique in Geki Jyu Ken, the Tenchi Tenben Da, but this proved ineffective in defeating his longtime rival Rio, leaving the other GekiRangers to save the day.

After the final battle with Long and the death of Rio, Gou went on a journey of self-discovery so that he could figure out where he went wrong and perhaps make right by the world for the years he spent as a murderous wolfman. Though he would occasionally head back to Japan to meet with his brother Retsu and the other GekiRangers, Gou never seemed satisfied with what he had learned on his travels and would always head off again. He was able to go on yet another trip when AkaRed recruited him to represent the GekiRanger world in the tournament held by Apollo Geist. “A tournament, eh?†Gou thought with a pensive smile. “My God…just when I thought I was done with this GekiRanger business, I have to pack my bags to fight again: at least this one sounds more exciting than fighting Rinshi.†Gou listened to AkaRed’s story about how Dai-Shocker was gathering villains from all of the worlds, including Gou’s, to prepare for an invasion that would shake reality to its very core. As the man who had mastered the strongest move in Geki Jyu Ken, GekiViolet would play a key role in the final battle. GekiViolet assured AkaRed that it wouldn’t come to that, however: he would defeat Apollo Geist and prove that he is not just the best fighter in his world, but all of the worlds. Maybe then he can finally gain a measure of contentment…

Aside from his Gong Changer that allows him to transform, there are no weapons in GekiViolet’s repertoire. He has been reared in martial arts from a young age and is easily one of the most powerful hand-to-hand combatants in his world. There are very few who can match his fighting prowess, and it’s very possible that no one can match it among the heroes selected for the tournament. Once he closes in on an opponent, there is little stopping him from pummeling them into submission with stiffs punches, kicks, elbows, and knees powered by his inner Shigeki.

Kamen Rider Dark Kiva
Otoya Kurenai comes from the year 1986: he was an eccentric violinist and womanizer who found himself wooing a member of the Wonderful Aozora Organization which combat the Fangire. As a result, he joined their ranks and eventually became the wearer of the experimental IXA System that would transform him into Kamen Rider IXA. Though it was suspected that the girl he was wooing was the only reason he hunted the Fangire, the true reason was because he wanted to protect the “music†of humanity, as each person possessed his or her own music and that music was sacred. However, his womanizing would come to an end when the Queen of the Fangires, Maya, caught his eye and he turned his attention to her. The two fell in love, which earned the ire of the Fangire King, and in order to protect himself, his friends, and Maya, Otoya made a Faustian deal with Kivat the 2nd and became Kamen Rider Dark Kiva. He was able to destroy the Fangire King, but it came at a terrible price: his life force had diminished down to nothing, and he seemingly died in Maya’s arms.

This should have been the end of Otoya’s tragic tale, with his heroic legacy passing on to his son Wataru (Kamen Rider Kiva in the present), but the musician awoke in the World of Negatives, where dark Riders gathered to prey on the innocent as opposed to protecting them. With his friends and family gone, Otoya decided to make the most of his situation and became the Dark Riders’ leader, hoping to trap Kamen Rider Decade in their world. However, Decade was too powerful even for their combined might, as Otoya made a hasty retreat when he was the last man standing. Soon after, AkaRed recruited him to be the representative of the Main Rider World of Kiva and join Apollo Geist’s tournament. Deciding that Dai-Shocker would be a more suitable foe for him than Decade, Otoya packed his belongings and entered the heroes’ camp. As the tournament inched closer, however, he noticed that he was violently ill, coughing up blood as his chest felt like imploding. He immediately deduced that the World of Negatives was the only thing keeping him alive, and now that he was out of that world, he was once again dying. For reasons known only to himself, Otoya has kept this from the other heroes, even those who have the power to help him…

The power of Kamen Rider Dark Kiva is based in darkness, and was the sign of supremacy among the Fangire race. As a human, Otoya needs to be careful about how much power he draws from it, or his decay will accelerate. Dark Kiva fights with grace and confidence, using rhythmic attacks and strategies that help him enter a comfort zone. Also joining him on the battlefield is his friend Jiro, whose Wolfen power he can call upon when the situation calls for it.

Go-On Red
Sosuke Esumi was a racecar driver when the Gaiark attacked the city of Tokyo. Putting his life on the line to make sure that civilians could get away, Sosuke drew the attention of Bomper, who took him in along with two other brave youths from the incident and allied them with Engines from Machine World so that they could become the Engine Sentai Go-Onger. As Go-On Red, Sosuke fought Gaiark faithfully along with his Engine partner Speedor and his Go-Onger comrades, whose ranks swelled to seven humans and twelve Engines. With such impressive numbers at their advantage along with Sosuke’s fiery spirit acting as their leader, the Go-Onger eventually defeated the Gaiark and the Engines returned to Machine World, leaving Sosuke to return to his old life as a racer. He still kept in touch with the other Go-Ongers, however, still longing for the days where he and Speedor would foil the Gaiark’s plans time and time again.

Fate would smile on Sosuke’s wishes when AkaRed approached him and offered him a chance to represent the world of Go-Onger and fight against the imposing forces of Dai-Shocker. Sosuke was initially disappointed that the rest of his comrades could not accompany him on his journey, and was thinking about declining, but the other Go-Onger coerced him into entering the tournament. With their blessing, Sosuke was reunited with Speedor, and once again granted the powers of Go-On Red. “It doesn’t matter who they are, where they’re from, how strong they are, or how many of them there are,†Sosuke said with a smile when he entered the heroes’ camp. “I’ll defeat them all at Mach Speed!†Sosuke couldn’t help but be excited when he got a glimpse of the other heroes gathered: not only were there fellow Rangers, but heroes that he had never seen or heard of before…and many of them even shared his enthusiasm for vehicles! With so many motor enthusiasts assembled who loved speeding along the highway, how could anyone hope to defeat such a dream team!? It would be especially troublesome for any opponent, Sosuke added, when he and Speedor were leading the way to the finish line.

Go-On Red’s mantra of accelerating at Mach Speed in any endeavor fuels his fighting style. He will rush at the enemy with the unrelenting fury of a race car and continuing rushing forward until the enemy is no longer in his path. The abilities of a Go-Onger make this strategy a viable one, indeed, and an opponent will have an incredibly hard time keeping Go-On Red from reaching his ultimate goal of victory. His primary weapons are the MantanGun to attack from a distance, and the Road Saber to deliver a finishing blow from up close.

Kamen Rider W
Shotaro Hidari is a freelance detective in the city of Fuuto, specializing in cases involving Dopants: criminals who use Gaia-Memories to transform into monsters and carry out crimes. Inheriting this task from his mentor, Shotaro protects Fuuto with every fiber of his being, but even the police department isn’t enough to stop a rampaging Dopant. With the aid of his partner, the mysterious Philip, Shotaro can use his own Gaia-Memories to transform into Kamen Rider W. When this happens, Shotaro’s and Phillip’s consciousness merge into a single body which allows Shotaro’s fighting skills to combine with Philip’s genius-level intellect. Unlike many of the other heroes, who fight villains that are a global threat, Shotaro and Philip keep their cases within Fuuto and their adversaries do the same. The exception to this rule came when the two were summoned to destroy a major Dai-Shocker force along with every other Kamen Rider throughout reality.

Shotaro and Philip are recruited by AkaRed to represent the Main Rider World of W in Apollo Geist’s tournament, where the final nail in Dai-Shocker’s coffin can finally be banged in. The two arrive at the heroes’ base of operations and take note of how they have their work cut out for them. While many of the heroes chosen looked and acted the part, some of them were heroes in name only. One of the heroes would constantly mumble to himself about alien invaders, and another would distance himself from the others because they were merely “pawns in his game.†“At least the women look nice enough,†Shotaro thought as he approached one of them, preparing to perhaps get a date for after the tournament. When the girl suddenly transformed and put a blade to his neck, the Hidari-charm instantly turned to Hidari-terror. What kind of team was AkaRed assembling!? Shotaro soon grew to dislike the crowded team, made even more uncomfortable by some of their ballooning egos. “Philip, let’s get this over with quickly,†Shotaro told his partner as the day drew near for the fights to begin. “The sooner we defeat Apollo Geist, the sooner we can go back home where we’ll just deal with Dopants, and not these prima donnas!â€

What makes Kamen Rider W unique from the other heroes is that he is actually two different people in a single form, merged together by the DoubleDriver that acts as their transformation device. In most cases, Philip’s body is left unconscious while Shotaro’s body acts as the host of W. Once transformed, he can utilize several different Gaia-Memories to suit the occasion, and even combine GaiaMemories to allow unique elemental combinations. On the rare occasion that Philip is the host body, W enters “Fang/Joker†form.

Genta Inamori is a sushi seller who dreams of obtaining a 3-star Michelin ranking so that his food can become famous. He is also an old friend of Takeru Shiba, the latest head of the Shiba Clan that specializes in exterminating the demonic Gedoshu. In order to better assist his friend, he created his own transformation device, taught himself the art of Mojikara and swordplay, and became ShinkenGold. Although he was not an official member of the team due to not being a samurai, his assistance was welcomed by the Samurai Sentai Shinkenger and eventually became one of them regardless of his official occupation. His infinitely bright spirit and sometimes goofy personality would often bring a moment a levity to otherwise grim situations, and his fighting spirit matched his ambitions as a sushi-seller. With the six Shinkengers standing firm against the forces of darkness, they were able to seal away the Gedoshu once again and return to their normal lives. However, they promised to meet each other again someday, their bonds as comrades not being broken by something as easily as a vanquished opponent.

ShinkenGold also holds the unique distinction of being the first Ranger to meet a Kamen Rider, when he encountered Kamen Rider DiEnd trying to steal one of his Origami. This made him AkaRed’s first choice to represent the world of Shinkenger and help him defeat Dai-Shocker, the enemy of all heroes. ShinkenGold was surprised that he would be called upon and not one of the other heroes, specifically Takeru who was perhaps the closest of the Shinkengers to Kamen Rider Decade. When AkaRed informed him that Kamen Rider Decade had gone missing, Genta immediately responded, “Then we just have to find him!†The situation was made even more complicated when he heard that some of the “dream team†wished to flat-out destroy Decade, believing him to be a destroyer of worlds. What kind of nonsense were these people spouting!? In order to protect Takeru’s friend Decade, and to that extent, his own friend, ShinkenGold prepares to defeat the others and find Decade before someone else does and something bad happens.

ShinkenGold is a master of Iaido, the art of quickdraw swordplay. As such, his attack speed is almost blinding, and there is a seldom an opponent that can keep track of his flashing blade. Not only are his attacks fast, but they are strong: they can cut through almost any substance, and there are few things that can hope to stop the blade in time. With the Shinkenger’s blessing, ShinkenGold was also given the Kyoryu disk which allows him to transform into HyperShinkenGold.

Sailor Moon
Usagi Tsukino was once a normal teenage girl who cared about boys, music, and clothing. Upon a chance encounter with a talking cat, however, her life changed forever when she was told that she was actually the reincarnation of the Moon Princess Serenity. With this revelation came the formidable powers of Sailor Moon, and she became the champion of justice that punished evil in the name of the Moon. Soon afterwards, other Sailor Senshi joined her in her fight against the forces of Queen Beryl and her Shitennou. As the battle raged on over the next several months, however, it became clear that Sailor Moon’s greatest enemy lie not within Beryl’s ranks, but within her own soul. In her previous life, Serenity lost her true love Endymion to the spectre of death, and this drove her mad with grief and quickly led to the downfall of the Moon Kingdom. When something eerily similar happened to Endymion’s modern-day reincarnation, Mamoru Chiba, this insanity found its way back into the life of Sailor Moon. It increases her power to an unimaginable degree, but made her infinitely more dangerous to everyone around her. Eventually, her madness reduced the world to ash, but she was able to regain her senses enough to restore the world and give both her and Mamoru a second chance.

Years have passed since that day, and Usagi has been enjoying civilian life as Mamoru’s husband. Her comrades, the Sailor Senshi, have been alive and well, and the forces of evil have stayed out of her life. It was the closest thing she could consider to paradise…until one day, Mamoru literally vanished in front of her eyes. In one moment, there was a flash of color, and the next moment, he was gone. It took a couple of minutes to realize what had transpired, but soon the grief of Serenity began creeping into her psyche. Remembering the horrible things she was capable of, Usagi used all of her willpower to keep her world stable, but luckily for her, she wouldn’t have to struggle long. About thirty minutes after Mamoru vanished, she too was yanked from her world and found herself in a dark room with a masked man dressed entirely in red in front of her. “I was hoping to keep your world out of this conflict,†the man explained as he handed Usagi her old transformation device, “but I guess it cannot be helped. Sailor Moon, lend us your power in the fight against evil!†Deciding that fighting alongside this man was the best chance she had at finding Mamoru, Usagi once again takes up the good fight in the name of Moon, this time against the forces of Dai-Shocker.

Although she was not officially chosen by AkaRed to join the tournament roster, Sailor Moon can still be a troublesome adversary for those who underestimate her power. She lacks the intricate suits and armor that the other heroes have which can make her susceptible to physical attacks. However, she has plenty of magical powers that help her compensate for this. What makes her particularly dangerous is her fragile state of mind: if she abandons hope, she is prone to entering the “Serenity†state of mind that has the power to warp reality.

Cursed Asuka
Asuka comes from the Dino Earth, an alternate dimension created when the meteorite that struck Earth 65 million years ago dichotomized the world so that the dinosaurs continued to evolve on one side while they died off on the other. When the Evorian invaders decimated Dino Earth and turned their attention to the main Earth, Asuka chased after them and formed the Bakuryu Sentai Abaranger. Fighting alongside them as AbareBlack, Asuka dealt with the stress of fighting his possessed wife Mahoro and his “daughter†Rije, eventually coming to see the Abaranger as his new family. Also deeply troubling him were his past sins from Dino Earth when he was possessed by the Cursed Armor. In this state, he killed several of his friends and family while he watched on, unable to control himself but knowing what he was doing regardless. With the help of the other Abarangers and Mahoro, he was able to destroy the cursed armor, defeat the Evorian, and return to Dino Earth to repair the damage done to it. He would later return to Earth on two separate occasions: the first to combat the Alienizer, and the second to combat Cronos, the Demon of Time.

Asuka had been enjoying his peaceful life, putting away his weapons and replacing them with nurturing hands. His daughter, now called Mikoto, was growing up into a healthy little girl and Mahoro had done her best to forget about the terrible things she did under Evorian control. Everything was perfect in Asuka’s life…until more interdimensional invaders came into Dino World. Quickly readying his morpher, Asuka charged into battle and faced the army of invaders alone. He was able to strike down many of them, but eventually the sheer numbers of the forces won out and he was taken prisoner by them. Taken to the invader’s base, Asuka learned that the enemy’s name was “Dai-Shocker†and that they had come into Dino World specifically for him. For days, he was tortured and beaten mercilessly, being fed well and kept in his peak physical condition only so that he could be strong enough to endure the twisted experiments that Dai-Shocker’s scientists had in mind. After a full week of agonizing pain, the Dai-Shocker scientists introduced something that was ripped from Asuka’s darkest nightmares: the Cursed Armor, completely restored and ready for another poor soul to wear it. The hero screamed as he was forcefully dressed in the armor, his sanity slipping away like oil. What Dai-Shocker was hoping for was the feared Cursed Warrior to crush the gathered heroes that had come for their tournament, but even they had underestimated the power of the Armor. The Cursed Warrior Asuka quickly broke free from his captors and escaped their headquarters, longing to be free after a week of captivity. Though he is now alone in this strange new area where heroes and villains from all reality gather, there is one goal that remains of the old Asuka that transfers to the Cursed Armor: “Destroy Dai-Shocker, and anyone who stands in the way!â€

The Cursed Armor was legendary among the natives of Dino World, renowned for its incredible power but considered “forbidden fruit†as the user would lose himself or herself to the armor’s dark nature. As an exceptional man, Asuka is just barely able to keep himself from destroying everything around him, but he can no longer communicate with other humans outside of growls and snarls. When he enters battle, Asuka loses himself completely to the overwhelming power of the Cursed Armor and he will not stop attacking until there are no more enemies left.

Dark Endymion
Mamoru Chiba was a high school student who took it upon himself to investigate a series of strange robberies going on in his district. Assuming the guise of the masked crimefighter Tuxedo Mask, Mamoru’s investigation led him to have several encounters with another vigilante who was starting out, Sailor Moon. At first, Mamoru saw Sailor Moon as an inexperienced girl whose heart was in the right place but lacked the talents and devotion to be a serious crimefighter. As time went on, however, Mamoru became one of her most steadfast supporters, and eventually, her romantic interest. He eventually learned that he is the reincarnation of the Earth Prince Endymion, and that protecting Sailor Moon is his destiny. In order to carry out this destiny, he regained his powers from a time long past and actively fought alongside Sailor Moon. His good looks and sincerity also earned him the affections of his enemies, as well, and for a while he was Queen Beryl’s prisoner and the host body of the dreaded Metallia entity.

Years have passed since the battles ended for Endymion and Sailor Moon, and the two of them have since wed and started a life together. Sometimes he would long for the adventures he had as Tuxedo Mask, fighting against the Shitennou or the Youma, but he was overall content with his life with Usagi. Unfortunately, this simple life would be tragically disrupted when one day, Mamoru was engulfed in a flash of color and transported into the strange world where Dai-Shocker’s headquarters lay. Highly disoriented by his sudden change of scenery, Mamoru wandered around aimlessly for a couple of days until a group of Dai-Shocker’s troops attacked him. It was then that the memories and powers of Endymion came rushing back to him and allowed him to defeat his would-be captors. Once the conflict was over, Mamoru looked down at his fallen foes and remembered the last time he had used his powers to defeat an adversary…but when he did, his blood began to boil the deepest of blacks and his mind clouded like the sky before a tornado. The last time he used his powers, Metallia possessed his body and transformed him into a vessel of destruction. Though Metallia was gone, the potential for that destruction was still there, and the sudden change in dimensions had corrupted his power. With the evil energies of the Dai-Shocker troops seeping into him like vapors, Mamoru lost himself to madness and continued wandering around the area in search of someone who could slake his thirst for blood. There would soon be a tournament where the most worthy warriors from all kinds of dimensions would gather to see who was the strongest. Drawn to the tournament like a moth to a flame, Dark Endymion marches onward to find the ultimate victim for his vile power. He is now isolated and alone, separated from his friends and family in a strange place. However, it is said that an animal is most dangerous when backed into a corner…

In his previous life, Endymion was the Prince of the Earth Kingdom, and perhaps the strongest warrior on the planet at that time. As Dark Endymion, this power has been corrupted and increased tenfold, making him as explosive and unpredictable as a rabid tiger. Clouded by anger and loneliness, Dark Endymion leaves a path of destruction wherever he goes and will cut down anything that is unfortunate enough to enter his line of sight. His bolts of energy can shatter mountains and his blade can cut through diamond, and his overwhelming murderous intent will guarantee that he will not think twice about using this power to rend his opponent apart.

Kamen Rider Decade
Tsukasa Kodoya was, at first, the leader of Dai-Shocker, and commissioned the all-powerful DecaDriver to become the Ultimate Rider that would conquer all of the Rider Worlds. However, he lost his memories not long after the DecaDriver was complete, and fell into a different world unable to recall his evil occupation. When his “friend†Natsumi Hikari found the DecaDriver and gave it to him, he became Kamen Rider Decade. Rather than use his power to conquer the dimensions, however, he now sought to save them from destruction as the worlds were merging together and being destroyed in the process. This eventually brought him back to Dai-Shocker, who welcomed him back into their ranks only to betray him for another leader. It was here that Tsukasa decided that he would continue down the path of becoming the savior of the worlds, rather than its destroyer.

After defeating the Security Chief of Dai-Shocker, Apollo Geist, in combat, Tsukasa was confronted by the other nine Kamen Riders from which he drew his powers from. According to Kamen Rider Kiva, Tsukasa’s destiny was to destroy the Alternate Rider Worlds so that the Main Rider Worlds could live. Being that he had acted as the AR World’s savior, he had become the Destroyer of the Main Rider Worlds, and this was something that could not be tolerated. Now marked for death by the Riders that he had hoped to make peace with, Decade fended them off as best he could before escaping with Natsumi. “Perhaps this is what I was meant to do all along,†Tsukasa thought grimly as they retreated through dimension after dimension, only to be targeted by another Rider. “Creation cannot begin without destruction: maybe I should destroy the Main Rider Worlds so that my comrades in the AR Worlds can survive.†Just as he was about to resign to this fate and become the Destroyer of Worlds he was supposed to be, Natsumi gave him a swift slap to the face. Tsukasa had already cheated destiny when he forsook his duties as Dai-Shocker’s Great Leader to continue being the wandering Kamen Rider. There would always be an alternative, or else there entire journey would have been a huge waste of time. Before Tsukasa could even ask how he could change destiny, news broke out that Apollo Geist was still alive, and planning to put the fate of Dai-Shocker on the line in a tournament. A confident smirk crept on Tsukasa’s face as the wheels in his head began to turn: Dai-Shocker was the reason that the worlds were merging in the first place. If could defeat him and destroy Dai-Shocker from within, then he could use his power to make permanent barriers between the worlds so that they do not collide. “Natsumi, let’s head back,†Tsukasa said with a familiar arrogant air. “I wish to capture this moment on camera…â€

Kamen Rider Decade possesses the power of the nine Riders that preceded him, being able to transform into them and utilize all of the powers at their disposal. This makes him nearly impossible to defend against as he can not only alter his form, but his method of attack at a moment’s notice. His Final Form allows him to summon the most powerful forms of the previous nine Riders to assist him in battle, making him even more dangerous. Because he is not an official participant in the tournament, Decade’s comrade Natsumi (Kamen Rider Kivala) will sometimes accompany him in battle and join in on his attack.

The spirit of all of the past Red Warriors in the Ranger Worlds, AkaRed represents the courage and leadership abilities that all Red Warriors are capable of. He first made himself known to the Boukenger to help them gather a team of previous Super Sentai heroes to fight Cronos, the Demon of Time. After this, he went into a deep sleep so that he could be prepared when he was needed again. However, he doubted that his services would be needed anytime soon: he had complete faith in the Red Warriors that succeeded him as well as the rest of their Ranger comrades. This sleep would be shattered, however, by the sudden introduction of the Kamen Rider Worlds. The Rider Worlds and Ranger Worlds had been forever separate, as they should have been, but somehow they were intertwining. Immediately recognizing the fatal effects this would have on all the worlds, AkaRed rushed to discover what was causing it. At the source of it was the interdimensional terrorist organization Dai-Shocker.

Dai-Shocker immediately contacted AkaRed and told them that if he wished to avoid a war that would for certain tear everything apart, he would gather heroes from twenty of the different worlds for a fighting tournament. The winner of the fighting tournament, after facing Apollo Geist, would become the new Security Chief of Dai-Shocker and be able to do whatever they wanted with the organization from this new post, including destroy it from within. AkaRed did as he was told, using his updated Book of Heroes to decide who would be the most suited for the task. However, he knew that Dai-Shocker likely had no intention of honoring their word: they were an organization of ultimate evil, planning to conquer all of the dimensions by force. Using all of his immense power to mask his movements, AkaRed gathered other heroes who would not compete in the tournament, but rather act as backup if and when Dai-Shocker initiated an invasion anyway. AkaRed was able to gather a considerable force in addition to the twenty heroes needed for the tournament, but he did not think that would be enough. Dai-Shocker was a compilation of all of the fiends of the Rider Worlds, and was rapidly recruiting villains from the Ranger Worlds to cause their ranks to swell to unimaginable numbers. What he needed was a warrior who, like himself, possessed the spirit of all of the heroes before him. He needed someone who could use this knowledge to lead the Riders while he led the Rangers. What he needed was Kamen Rider Decade, who had gone missing after the Riders before him tried to defeat him. “We cannot have any of this petty ifighting when it comes time for the final battle: we will need everyone we can get,†AkaRed decided as the tournament was about to begin. “I will find Decade, and bring him over to our side to complete our force. Destroyer of Worlds or not, he is still a Rider and must be included in this fateful encounter!â€

AkaRed possesses the ability to transform into any of the Red Warriors throughout time and space, utilizing their powers, knowledge, and abilities. He represents courage and leadership and as such will remain calm under any situation, and with all of his powers, that makes catching him off-guard almost impossible. His ultimate technique is the Super Sentai Storm, where he uses a seemingly innocent Soccer Ball to shatter the defenses of any opponent, calling upon the fighting spirits of Red Warriors past, present, and future.

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