1. U

    Inochi Kamen Senshider

    The story as that an ancient clan known as Inojin have revived and are trying to destroy the world.Only Sekai Inochi,also known as Inochi Kamen Senshider can destroy them.Henshin,on! Name meaning: Inochi Means life,Kamen means mask,so the first part of his name is Life Mask.Senshider is a play...
  2. U

    Kamen Rider PikaKu

    This is my fan-made Kamen Rider show.I am planning of creating a Sentai to go with it.The story is......... Dai Shocker has revived and has gone multi-world!In the Pokemon world as Team Dai Shocker,they plan to,of course,rule it!There's just one thing standing in their way.....young Ash...
  3. Hkawamata

    [VIDEO] Complete Chibi Drawing Kamen Rider 01 - Showa

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KpTjuhf6zP0 New appearances of my chibi drawing. After years ago I draw it manually, Now I change it into digital. You can see the differences. The Chibi Kamen Rider in this episode, contain all 10 showa riders, nisemono riders, dark riders, and Spirits. Enjoy...
  4. Z

    [SELLING] Kamen Rider Belts For Sale!

    Hello Everyone! My apartment is getting rearranged and I need to make more living space. All items are adult owned and are from a smoke-free, pet-free and child-free home. Payment is via paypal only. At this time, shipping is to the USA only, this may change in the future. All of these belts...
  5. revjurneyman

    A Serious Discussion about Kamen Rider

    Kamen Rider has been on my bucket list since high school and I recently gave it a shot. I have watched Black, Decade, Kuuga, and am working my way through Kabuto right now. Let me first say that I love the show. The costuming (though at times sometimes a bit too silly) is always interesting and...
  6. K

    few KR shows that could be used as other shows instead of being kamen rider seasons

    Imagine kamen rider seasons use as 'revival for other shows' You know some seasons like Faiz,Hibiki,Kiva,W,Gaim and now DRIVE have been used as kamen rider seasons since they are co-produced by ishinomori-productions named after its founder the creator of kamen rider who also created cyborg...
  7. D

    My Toku Reviews and videos

    Sorry for the terribly blatent advertsing but I'm reboot my youtube channel this week, so I'm doing a video a day until this saturday and today and Friday are dedicated Kamen Rider and Power Rangers videos so I wanted to share in the hopes of seeing if people agree with me. I have a review of...
  8. Z

    [SELLING] Don't say no! Just buy more! Sale

    Hi friends! Spring cleaning time! Rules: Paypal Only, Free Shipping in the United States on all orders over $12:buttrock: Thread under construction! I have a lot to put up for sale (200+ items), so check back regularly! :: Power Rangers Mega Force Ultra Vehicles, Sea Lion Zord ...
  9. D

    Why You Should Watch: Kamen Rider Dragon Knight

    Hey everyone last year I made a fan video on Power Rangers RPM, I wanted to do the same again this year so I've chosen to do a similar review/documentary style video on Kamen Rider Dragon Knight as it's another personal favorite of mine so once again I'd love some crit as you were all great...
  10. K

    Kamen rider vs shonen jump

    Hey do you think a kamen rider x shonen jump fighting game would be any good: These are the matchups: Kuuga vs Yusuke Urameshi Agito vs Pegasus Seiya Ryuki vs Yugi Faiz vs Allen Walker Blade vs Ichigo Kurosaki Hibiki vs Kenshin Kabuto vs Yoh Asakura Den o vs Monkey D Luffy Kiva vs Naruto Uzumaki...
  11. eddietai78

    [SELLING] Kamen Rider PS2 games

    Selling Kamen Rider Blade and Hibiki games for the Japanese PS2. Games in good condition. Would like to sell together for $20.00. Send me a message or e-mail if interested. Only accept paypal.
  12. TheWhiteCleaver

    How Would You Do Kamen Rider in the USA? [Or General West]

    Vlog: How Would You Do Kamen Rider in the USA? - YouTube I just watched TJOmega's response to the question and it kind of left me thinking how they would do it, he brings up alot of good points but I have an idea alot of people will differentiate, so... Ideas? :3 I would argue that you can...
  13. vertighoul

    If you like showa era Kamen Riders..

    nvm, delete thread please
  14. SunGreen

    Kamen Rider art V-Logs.

    Hey everyone! So I just started making these weird Art V-Log things on a whim as is explained in the first video of them. The first couple are a little shaky with both Audio an Camera work because I have not exactly got into the the grove of how I quite want to do this. Mostaly just problems...
  15. firestarter1331

    S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider V3

    Toy Review: S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider V3 - YouTube
  16. V

    Fan-Made Kamen Rider Exchange

    This is a thread that Artists/Writers can post there Rider Ideas, give advice; ask others can offer to take the others rider ideas as request. Here are my rider ideas: Ryuki-based Riders Lynx Rider Bobcat Rider Komodo Dragon Rider Liopleurodon Rider Electric Eel Rider Yeti Rider Archer Fish...
  17. Q

    Qoo's Selling Thread - Kamen Rider, Anime, Cards, and Random Stuffs

    What's Up For Sale: US Buyer only. Accept Paypal Only. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- S.I.C. Kiwami Tamashii Kamen Rider Kuuga Rising Ultimate Brand New - 25.00 USD Shipped...
  18. firestarter1331

    S.I.C. Kamen Rider ZX (Vol. 62

    Toy Review: S.I.C. Kamen Rider ZX (Vol. 62) - YouTube
  19. SunGreen

    Selling SH Figuarts

    Hey everybody, sorry if this is not the right place for this. I did look and I could not find a better one to post this in. I was just gonna put these up on ebay but I thought I should ask here first since you guys really dig this stuff. (I do too but times are tough) Figuarts I am selling...
  20. P

    The Kamen Rider Series (Past to Present) *thoughts*

    I just wanted to know other people's thoughts and probably start a sort of new discussion between the new and past Kamen Riders. ^__^ In my direct honest opinion I do not like the new Kamen Rider series (yes i hate Fourze, OOO's was bearable but better than Fourze and W could have been great if...