Things you want to see in "Super Hero Taisen" but...


New Member know Toei will absolutely NOT do it.:laugh:

Here's a few...

Reference to Anime Roles

Urataros saying "Shoot to Kill" while doing Full Charge
Deneb being called "Ero Sennin" by female characters
Umeko being called "Arinko"
Sieg wearing a striped bucket hat
One of the female leads saying "Arienai!!!"

Homage to US Adaptations

Navi saying "Ayayayayayayayayayayayai!!!"
Black RX, Kibaranger, Zyuranger together
The Communicator sound from MMPR

References to Hyper Battle Videos/Specials/Net Movies/Manga

Riderman using Machine Gun Arm
Blade Jack Form and King Form together
Knight, Zolda, and Ouja doing a sentai pose
Telepi cameo
The ZECTers and Disc Animals talking to each other

Match Ups

G Den-O vs. Dekamaster
OOO Putotyra vs. Abared, AbareBlue, AbareYellow in Abare Mode
Black RX vs. Kibaranger and Tyrannoranger
Delta vs. GoGreen
Thebee/KickHopper vs. Go-on Gold
Kiva Garulu vs. GaoSilver
Castle Doran, Shoo Doran, Powered Ixer vs. Dragon Caesar and Ryuuseioh
Gaohliner vs. Carrigator
Zeroliner vs. Travelion
Denliner vs. Grand Liner
Den-O Wing Form vs. DekaSwan and White Swan
ZX vs. Kaku, Hurrican, Gorai, and Shurikenger
Ryuki vs. Ryuuranger


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I want cool locations that aren't just some streets or some quarry. (Hahaha yeah right!)

As well I want a good villain who isn't there just to get owned by the Riders and Sentai teams. (You're having a laugh!)

I'd like to see all the warriors doing their iconic attacks and poses instead of just punchy punchy. (NOPE!)

Most of though I want Godai Yusuke!
  • Tsukasa being sociable and helpful.
  • Anything resembling plot or closure regarding Decade
  • Takeru Sato, Zeronos actor and Yuriko Shiratori.
  • Maki and doll cosplaying Narutaki or vice-versa
  • For that matter Owner, Satonaka, and the Greeed taking over the Den-Liner, with Date and Gotou tagging along via Zero-Liner*
  • Owner vs Kougami using birthday cake made of fried rice
  • Naomi x Satonaka interaction
  • Clockup (nobody remembers it, even its own TV series by the end)
  • Form changes outside Gokaiger, Decade, and probably Fourze
  • Final Form Ride: All-Rider G-G-GATTAI (yeah, not happening)
  • Grand Power: All-Rider Gokai-oh addon

    *F it, I'll just make my own movie: Kamen Rider Den-OOO: Freaky Friday (Road Show 08.12)
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Pretty Cure -- all teams -- appearing out of nowhere to join the battle. It's technically part of Super Hero Time, even though Toei doesn't label it as such.

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-I'd like for Fujioka and Naoya Makoto to share the screen. But since Shirakura hates older folks, IF they're in it, it will probably just be voice-over only stuff.

-Since this movie's supposed to be a big deal, it will probably have a little more money and exposure, and it would be nice for them to get some Sentai people who are a little bigger (expensive) that got looked over in the Gokaiger series, and would be good representatives of the franchise -- people like Daisuke Shima and Kane Kosugi. And if he's done with his stupid soaps and nudie books, maybe Tori Matsuzaka. People to represent different eras of both franchises would be cool, so you could have Tetsuo Kurata thrown in there.

-I think Narutaki sucks, but some fans have a funny idea that would be the only way I'd accept his appearance in the movie -- a Narutaki form of Bladerun.

-A scene with all of the Dragon warriors.

-The return of giant Momotaros to take part in mecha scenes instead of J or giant Decade.

-Shiro Kazami, Akira Shinmei, Soukichi Banba, Naoyuki Miura and First Toubei Tachibana playing Twister.


Decent amount of folks reprising their roles in the Rider side. I know Sentai can do it but Rider has been very disappointing.

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Well im pretty content with Tsukasa returning and rumor has it Kaitou is making a return too. Id love to see some more riders like OOO and W there. Because they've give us plenty of Sentai members. But seeing some return would be cool. Like i really enjoyed the Jetman tribute so seeing some of them would be awesome. Maybe some more Geki or Gao. But just seeing some reprise their roles is awesome. =D


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Id love to see some more riders like OOO and W there. Because they've give us plenty of Sentai members. But seeing some return would be cool.

Now that you mention it...

Shotaro calls Nanami/HurricaneBlue..."Lily" and she ends up slapping him or spraying him with water.


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Other heroes besides Sentai and Rider.

With that being said, a scene with V3, Zubat, Big One, Aoranger and the Ohranger (with Captain Miura on a comlink or something).

Someone at some point in the movie says: ''Taste The Rainbow''.

A reference to Pretty Cure and Battle Spirits.


Original Wataru returning to do his spirit advising / meta-trolling. That is all.

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