The Surprise Visit Knocks On Your Door January 14

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Vertical Entertainment is bringing the thriller The Surprise Visit to on-demand platforms, as well as select theaters, next month.
Based on a true story (and a rather depressing one), The Surprise Visit is about a young woman who decides to visit her mother, and brings along her husband. At the same time, someone else decides to visit HER: an old friend who’s fallen on hard times and openly tells her about his plans to rob her mother. She is…okay with this, as she’s a drug addict just like him and is willing to watch his back for a cut of the cash. Then the “friend” winds up shooting her husband dead. Now they’re really in for it…
“I love that The Surprise Visit is based on a true story that explores the themes of class difference and how desperation can make people do things that they might not otherwise do,” says the movie’s director. “The film is an American tragedy. I chose to tell The Surprise Visit in a gritty and realistic style that was complemented by deep and intense...

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