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We’ve been waiting impatiently for any crumb of information regarding Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, the sequel to everyone’s favorite animated superhero movie. That’s why we were shocked when, with no warning at all, the first teaser for the film dropped last night in its entirety. We’ll take it!
The protagonist of the first film, Miles Morales, is also shocked by a surprise visit of his own: Gwen Stacy, the Spider-Gwen of her own universe. He’s been dreaming about meeting her again, but since the portal was closed up, it felt unlikely…at least to him. We knew she would come back eventually due to the little stinger at the end of the original movie. The teaser picks up from that moment, wisely choosing not to show a bunch of jumbled clips but the unbroken moment itself:

But before they can get wherever they’re going, Miles is thrown into a dimension he’s never been before…the futuristic one where Spider-Man 2099 swings around! This is another appearance that was...

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Shin Gouki

I would like them to incorporate the past incarnations of Peter from different Animated series. If they can hire their voice actors it would be cool too.

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