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The Little Mermaid’s live-action remake is a polarizing movie. The comments section of the sneak peek comparable to a toxic wasteland that will cause your veins to become poisoned. It all started with simple debates about Race Bending vs. Diversity.
There is also the argument about respecting the source material vs. Blind casting. Both sides have some sensible arguments, but some extremes cross the line. Although it vaguely depicts the movie and its story, this teaser has managed to stir controversy. Although YouTube had disabled the visibility of dislikes, You can still see them thanks to a Google Chrome extension.
The Little Mermaid First teaser

That small clip is obviously the live action video of Jodie Benson’s Part of your world, which is the signature song of the original film.

So who are the people who disagree with the casting of Halle Bailey as Ariel...

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Someone got banned on Twitter for posting filtered version of the trailer that made Halle Bailey look Caucasian. Yes some people go that far just because they disagree with the casting without even seeing her talent first.


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I was Neutral at first but I am starting to see people being nasty and brass just because of the casting. People even bullied the actress.


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People who likes their White Ariel can always watch the original version. She will always be there. They should not be bullying Halle for this casting. These people have no life to take a fictional character seriously.
If she can act, sing, and play the part well, then I don't care what race she is; all that matters to me is that she is talented in those areas. When it comes to casting, the most important consideration should be the actors' talents.


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Given Disney's history of using characters of different races, I find it difficult to see why the company would even consider taking this risk because they know the potential for negative reactions. Why not simply make up an entirely new magical mermaid?
Now that the issue is resolved, there will be no fallout and no drama. Additionally, this presents the opportunity for the actress to take the lead role of a brand new mermaid princess character, which would put the attention squarely on her.


It has been brought to my attention by others that a compelling argument can be made for producing a live-action adaptation of a brand-new black princess rather than remaking an existing one based on a folk tale from the Caribbean or Africa. That is something with which I wholeheartedly concur. There are a lot of wonderful tales that could be used. Even though I support the inclusion of more black women in Disney media, I wish the company would invest the time and energy required to create original narratives that feature members of underrepresented groups rather than simply sticking their characters' faces onto pre-existing stories. This attempt to promote diversity strikes me as being, at best, only partially successful. Race-bending only makes actors into targets for online harassment and abuse.


This decision made them trigger the far right media to spread more hatred and bigotry. I hope Halle Bailey will be strong enough to handle all these negativity. I am starting to see Twitter death threats just because of a fictional ginger mermaid.


I was Neutral at first but I am starting to see people being nasty and brass just because of the casting. People even bullied the actress.
Unfortunately this is become normal stuff since they are more open to audience trough social media. Many athletes, especiall young, are under so big pressure from bookies if they lost match which they should won.


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I heard we have a Latina Snow White now, so who ever that actress is, she needs to disable her soc med accounts before its too late. She can laugh her way to the bank without dealing with death threats.


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She don't deserve the hate she is getting. Any actress or singer will accept this opportunity so I cannot blame her for taking it.


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I forgot to add, Her performance was leaked on YouTube and her voice is amazing, Its like hot knife on butter.