The Little Mermaid divides the internet and brings out the best and worst out of people


The Little Mermaid’s live-action remake is a polarizing movie. The comments section of the sneak peek comparable to a toxic wasteland that will cause your veins to become poisoned. It all started with simple debates about Race Bending vs. Diversity.

There is also the argument about respecting the source material vs. Blind casting. Both sides have some sensible arguments, but some extremes cross the line. Although it vaguely depicts the movie and its story, this teaser has managed to stir controversy. Although YouTube had disabled the visibility of dislikes, You can still see them thanks to a Google Chrome extension.

The Little Mermaid First teaser

That small clip is obviously the live action video of Jodie Benson’s Part of your world, which is the signature song of the original film.

So who are the people who disagree with the casting of Halle Bailey as Ariel?

1. People who already have a fantasy casting on their minds.

Whenever an Adaptation is coming, Fans of the original always have their fantasy casting, and these fans usually get angry when they don’t get what they want. You will see these people whenever there is a live-action adaptation.

2. Black People who don’t like a race bent character representing them. They prefer original characters like Black Panther, Princess Tiana, or Static Shock. They think it is a lazy uncreative way to give them representation by race bending. A character with a cultural connection felts more authentic as a representation of this crowd.

3. People who think racebending is as bad as Whitewashing.

When a character of color gets played by a Caucasian actor in adaptations, there is always controversy. Casting like this is seen as racist the roles for POC are very limited. Ginger erasure is a recent phenomenon in live-action adaptations. Though Gingers are Caucasian, they are a minority in some ways. Only a few people are born with Red hair. Ginger characters became the popular choice of Hollywood to racebend if they wanted to diversify the cast.

4. Canon-obsessed fans- Fans who grew up with the Ginger Ariel, Want to see a live-action Ginger Ariel that they grew up with.

5. Racist right-wing people

These people pretend to be “Anti-Woke,” But the truth is, they just hate people who are not Eurocentric presenting.

Who are the people who agree with the casting of Halle Bailey?

  1. People who believe in Blind Casting-  Disney chose Halle Bailey because they believe she is the best actress among the ladies who auditioned for the role. These people agree with that because she has an angelic voice and exudes Ariel’s innocence.
  2. People Longing for representation- The internet has videos on TikTok and YouTube starring Little girls celebrating seeing someone who looks like them on screen. Many Black girls grew up with characters who don’t look like them.

3. Diversity advocates- 

There is just a tiny percentage of available roles for African Actors in Hollywood. Compared to the majority of roles available to white actors. They see racebending not only as an opportunity to give roles to People of color but also to give them roles that are not stereotypical.

4. Woke Crowd

Left Wing extremists wanted to force diversity on everything and preach it. We can say their intentions are good, but they can be pretty annoying. People usually call them Social Justice Warriors. If you disagree with them, They will accuse you of being racist, sexist and bigoted.