The Little Mermaid is coming to Theaters this May 26

Madeline Everleigh

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<p>The Little Mermaid releases is second teaser and it shows clues on what the final product will look like. As usually Halle Bailey’s voice is glory for the ears and that’s one of the reasons why she got the role. People are mad about “Ginger Deletion” for the sake of diversity can calm down because Ariel remains a Ginger. Red hair might be more common to Caucasians but Red Haired Black and Asian People exists.</p>


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Suddenly I remember that dude on twitter who got banned for using deepfake to make AMber Heard to replace Halle and saying he fixed Ariel. That is the risk of race bending characters. The Nostalgic fans will not be accepting of changes unless its an obscure material.


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Well, bless my heart! It plumb breaks my spirit to see folks acting so low-down and using racism and harassment towards Halle Bailey just because she got cast as Ariel. Y'all, we gotta remember that diversity and inclusion are mighty important for making progress and showing different folks on the big screen. Let's treat each other with kindness and respect, y'all!


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I understand that the Ariel you grew up with is white and ginger, but it's important to remember that the creators of this new adaptation have chosen to go in a different direction. The casting of Halle Bailey as Ariel brings much-needed diversity and representation to the film industry, and allows young girls of color to see themselves reflected in a Disney Princess. It's okay to have different opinions and preferences, but let's also celebrate the positive changes that are being made in the industry to promote diversity and inclusivity. Who knows, you might end up liking this new version of Ariel just as much!

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It's a shame that some fans feel the need to dislike bomb the trailer due to their dislike of the casting decisions. It's important to remember that everyone is entitled to their opinions, but harassing and attacking others is never okay. It's important to approach discussions and criticisms in a respectful manner.

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I am so totally with you! As a fan of the original animated movie, I am stoked to see this new live-action version and how it's going to bring a fresh take on the story. I'm thinking that Halle Bailey is going to totally slay as Ariel and I can't wait to see what the rest of the cast is going to bring to the table. May 26th can't get here fast enough, and I'm counting down the days, babe!


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Halle Bailey Have the voice of a mermaid, she deserves the role.
This girl's ability to ignore is amazing, she is being attacked on Twitter for accepting this role but she just ignore them and lot them bother her,


I would have been thrilled to see Gal Gadot as Mermaid because somehow she looks great portraying any role that she does


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Too old, Ariel is like 16 years old that's why "Little mermaid" Its set in a time when Brides are under 18.

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