The Little Mermaid- Official Trailer


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Don't care what the haters will say but I will watch the Little Mermaid because of Halle's voice alone. She sounds like an angel when she sing and her voice melts by ears like butter. She got the role not because of wokeness, she got the role because she is talented and beautiful.


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Hello, I am just here stopping by to say I am not going to watch this woke trash and it will flop in the box office. If this movie breaks even, I will eat a rock because this movie will flop.


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Suffused with excitement!I'm very excited and can't wait to see the film. The actress chosen to play Ariel has the perfect vibe, and I think she's a great choice. She even physically resembles the character at times, though they are not identical. However, for those who are dissatisfied with the casting choices, the original animated film will always be available. Let's take advantage of this opportunity, because I believe Disney fans are in for a treat.
My favorite Disney movie! Can't wait to see it! And there are dolphins swimming around Ariel too. I am really looking forward to watching this new Disney remake! I am super duper anticipating the new Disney remake, which happens to be my favorite. I am particularly excited about the scene where dolphins swim around Ariel. The Prince is so handsome I am glad they cast him instead of who the fans were petitioning. Can you imagine they want Harry Styles to play the Prince... gross.


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Honestly, I really like The Little Mermaid even though it's not in my top 3 favorite Disney princess movies. The movie was a success. I appreciate the movie's ideas, but honestly, whether it's the direction, visuals, or even the characters, I was expecting something a bit more Disney. After all, I haven't seen the movie yet. The trailer doesn't really make me want to see it.

I was expecting a more spectacular and intimidating Triton. Haille Bayley is an extremely wonderful singer and performer, but I don't see Ariel in her at 16 years old during her conversation with Eureka, the prince of the original Little Mermaid. I suppose they chose an older prince to make it more realistic, or I don't know. Nonetheless, I have yet to view the film. I'm not going to put my faith in the trailer. I am hoping from the bottom of my heart that it will be fantastic.


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The visuals are spectacular, without a question, but they don't entice me to go watch it. Remakes can be entertaining on occasion, but if done too frequently, they become tiresome and unpleasant.


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The comment sections in Youtube are still nasty. It got invaded by Morbius memes. Lets see if this hatred will translate to box office results.

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