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The Boys Season 3 made Homelander scarier than ever. The  dangerously narcissistic Superhero  looks more dangerous than ever.  Butcher is blurring the lines between Good and Evil as he is becoming as insane as his arch nemesis. Season 3 will introduce new Supes like Soldier Boy, a Captain America inspired Superhero with a dark past. This Original is now on it’s 3rd Season and it spawned an Animated Spin off.
The Boys is a dark deconstruction of the Super Hero Trope and it has been Amazon Prime’s biggest hit. It is about a Group of Vigilantes who wants to take down a group of corporate manufactured corrupt Superheroes who uses their powers for corruption.
The Boys Season 3 Final Trailer

The Trailer begins with Homelander (Antony Starr) having a series of talk show interview to...

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I'm going to watch both seasons again simply to refresh my memory. Season 3 is going to be incredible! My body is prepared to go on a viewing binge.


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When you thought Homelander couldn't get much crazier! I'm worried about Queen Maeve and Starlight, who have to deal with this psycho for everyone's protection. Homelander's nasty grin is unlike any other! Homelander is very creepy he's gone insane since losing Ryan, which is unfortunate because he simply wanted to be a parent, but his kid now despises him.

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I am so excited to see Homelander again. I know he is an evil megalomaniac but he is my evil megalomaniac.
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What does the Fox say?
I've seen previews on TV of "The Boys" and I've watched trailers on YouTube and I just don't get why this Amazon Prime's biggest hit. (o_O)


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Now All I need is a New Season of Invincible and I will renew my Amazon Prime subscription.
@cmoneyspinner because its awesome, they portray Superheroes like Republican celebrities who are corrupt and uses their powers to abuse people while being an accessory of an evil corporation.


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I've seen previews on TV of "The Boys" and I've watched trailers on YouTube and I just don't get why this Amazon Prime's biggest hit. (o_O)
People like me are fascinated with the reconstruction of the Superhero Genre. It also gives people an idea of what would have happened if Republican Oligarchs had raised Superman. I love the darkness and grittiness of the story. It's a Superhero show for thinking adults.


This new Season is gorier than the past seasons. Do not watch while eating food. I didn't finish my spaghetti because of one episode.


What does the Fox say?
I have not watched the first 2 seasons and there is already a Season 3. There are too may TV series and not enough time. LOL. I don't do too well with blood and gore. So if you say this is even gorier, I'll pass.

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