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Shadow of Rose is coming to all platforms where Resident Evil Village is available. The release date of October 28, 2022. Fans who never purchased Resident Evil Village can also Purchase the Resident Evil Village Winter edition. It is a special edition that includes this DLC, The 3rd person mode for the main campaign, and additional characters for the mercenaries.
This DLC uses an over-the-shoulder 3rd person camera. It gives players a fresh experience from the main campaign of Resident Evil village. The player will play as Rosemary Winters, Ethan’s daughter. Yes, the baby you rescued in Resident Evil village. Shadow of Rose takes place 16 years after the main campaign. At the ending of Resident evil Village, it is mentioned that Chris Redfield is still alive and will be around 64 years old.
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I still have the impression that some of the things involving Mia have some narrative gaps that need to be closed, but things are as they are. Regarding RE9, I would definitely explore completing the storylines of the legacy characters first before introducing new characters to the series and making use of potential adversaries like Alex Wesker and The Connections. This would be done before introducing new characters to the series.

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Because Resident Evil takes place in real time, the aging of its characters has been a problem since the fourth installment (Re4); nonetheless, the virus that infects Jill, Sherry, and potentially Claire causes them to stop aging.


Chris is one character who I really hope doesn't show up in Resident Evil 9. Since we already know what will happen to him—namely, that he will still be alive in the 2030s—you should provide Jill, Claire, Ada, and Leon with the closure they need. I would also like to see Sheva, Carlos, and Sherry make a comeback.


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Leon and Ada should have kids already by the time they return. That is all I ask for. Leon deserves it.


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I had the impression that Rose would play a leading role in Resident Evil 9, but that she would do it without her superpowers because she planned to remove them for good in the downloadable content.
Jill, who has been absent in any of the recent or upcoming episodes for many years, is another character whose return would be very welcome to me. Since Wesker had such power over Jill, it would have been interesting to witness her in a weak and traumatized state. The fact that they displayed a zombie in the trailer for RE 9 makes it appear as though zombies could be one of the antagonists in the game.
I suppose we'll find out soon enough. It would make my heart happy to watch Jill and Leon finally meet in one game. Dead By Daylight is not canon so I don't count that.


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I think it's a smart idea to conclude the winter story, even though I adore parts 7 and 8. However, I would love it if there was another downloadable content pack where we could learn more about Mia's past and who she worked for. It would be awesome if, in Resident Evil 9, we got to play as Jill again during her first assignment after rejoining the BSAA and see Chris in there and find out what was going on with the new umbrella. He is not a hero, it seemed like BSAA sent him to check what they were about, and now he's working full time for them.


Chris Redfield should have died in Re6 instead of Piers. Such an overrated character. Capcom we need less of him.